A new book, a new business

//A new book, a new business

A new book, a new business

We had an incredibly exciting time here at Chartered last week.

The launch of Kim’s book Retiremeant: Get More Meaning from your Money was a great success. Kim has spent Johnmany years pursuing her passion, studying and travelling to grow her knowledge and driving change in the industry. Through her involvement on the board of The Financial Planning Institute, she has been instrumental in changing the perceptions of financial planning in South Africa. She has brought a wonderful energy to Chartered and a fresh perspective to both our clients’ lives and our own.

Well done, Kim, on this amazing achievement!

When Barclay and I started Chartered Wealth in 2002, we had little notion that the company would expand as it has – in depth and breadth. One thing we did know was that whatever we did, we would always put our clients first.

In this newsletter, my aim is to help keep you, our clients, abreast of the developments within the company.

A new port of call

Earlier this year, I attended the opening of our Chartered Wealth Eastern Cape offices.  Having known the Dunkeld offices as our only home for some years now, it was both exciting and awe-inspiring to see us setting up office in Port Elizabeth.  The exercise of replicating ourselves in another location has reminded me of what is important to Chartered.  While the geography is different, our values remain the same – and our focus on our clients is unchanged.

Kim, Barclay and I said that we would only open a branch in another centre if we had the right people on board … then the opportunity arose for Don to make this move from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth. We have about 60 clients in the Eastern Cape, most of whom have retired out of Johannesburg

That said, I would like to introduce to you the members of our Eastern Cape team:

Donovan Adams is at the helm of this team.  As a Director and Certified Financial Planner Professional at Chartered Wealth Solutions (Eastern Cape), Donovan has come a long way in his career. He was the FPI Financial Planner of the Year Runner Up in 2013 and 2014 and joined the Chartered Wealth family when moving from his home town of Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg in 2010. He has since recently returned “home” to the “friendly (windy) city” to manage the new Chartered Wealth Eastern Cape office.

Don graduated with a BComm Hons. degree from the University of Port Elizabeth in 2004 and attained his Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning in 2008 from the University of Free State. He went on to obtain his Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning specialising in Estate Planning and Risk Management in 2012, with two other colleagues from Chartered Wealth. Don loves the fact that lifelong learning and aspiring to excellence are core to the Chartered values.

When not in the boardroom, Don is on the squash court, golf course or running/walking in his neighbourhood (baby on the back and puppy on a lead). He is also a keen amateur woodworker and musician, the piano being his instrument of choice. Don is married to Tracey and they have a seven-month old daughter, Jennifer Rose.

Melanie Marais obtained her B Com degree at the University of Port Elizabeth (now NMMU), majoring in Economics and Accountancy.  Having started in banking, Melanie moved to Gauteng to further her career, and spent the next 14 years gaining extensive experience in the financial industry – ranging from sales, administration, credit analysis and customer service.  In September, 2013, Melanie moved back to Port Elizabeth, where she now lives with her husband of eight years and her busy son of five.

When she is not being an Administrator at Chartered Wealth Solutions, Melanie is outdoors, fishing, gardening, on the beach or spending time with her family.

Paul Greenwood is an Articled Planner (with a degree in financial planning and a post-graduate diploma), and is working towards his CFP® status.  Having always shown an interest in finance and investments, Paul quickly realised that many people are unaware of even the key principles of finance – largely owing to the lack of available financial education.  So, his passion for giving solid financial advice was born. Paul measures his success by ensuring his clients have an amazing experience.

Paul loves sport and making music.  He is a huge tennis fan and has played the saxophone, flute and guitar.  He believes in nurturing all facets of his life and keeps himself healthy.

Warm regards
John Campbell

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