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Why choose Chartered Wealth Solutions?

A client-centered approach

Our clients are at the heart of all we do and guide our decision-making process every step of the way. Our greatest insights into retirement come directly from our clients – they direct our growth and inspire our ongoing striving for excellence.


Chartered Wealth Solutions is the largest independent financial planning company in South Africa. Independence is a core value here – it allows us the freedom to provide you with the most objective advice possible – advice free from limiting affiliations with service providers, asset consultants, and commission schemes.

Holistic planning

Part of our strategy in helping you retire successfully is to guide you through a process of discovery so that you can map out the life you want to live in retirement. Only then are we able to structure a truly meaningful financial plan – one completely unique to your life, one based on your dreams and goals for retirement… a retirement plan where money and meaning meet!

A retirement plan where money and meaning meet…

A sound financial plan does not guarantee a successful retirement. In fact, whether you are a millionaire or not, you have the same amount to spend in retirement – 168 hours in a week.

Financial planning alone in no longer adequate.  At Chartered Wealth Solutions, we believe that the key to a fulfilling retirement is a holistic plan – one that plans for your finances in the context of the goals you have for your life.

Retirement gives you the freedom to achieve your yet unfulfilled dreams and goals on your own terms and in your own time – this is Chartered Wealth Solutions’ definition of retirement!

Chartered Wealth Solutions Directors Barclay Hoar, Kim Potgieter and John Campbell

Our mission

We want to inspire our clients to live well balanced lives, promoting personal and financial longevity through dynamic retirement life planning.

Our goal

We have nurtured a culture of excellence at Chartered Wealth Solutions that encourages each person to deliver a service unmatched in our industry. Our ethos of quality lies at the heart of our goal of adding value to our clients’ lives in every way we can. Whether we are structuring the best financial plan for our clients’ individual needs or hosting lifestyle lunches that cover interesting retirement topics, the success of our clients’ retirement is at the heart of everything we do.

The answer to retiring successfully

The booklet below is a quick, easy guide to Chartered Wealth Solutions’ approach to retiring successfully.

To open the booklet below in full screen mode, click on the “click to read” label in the center of the image. To return to this page press the “ESC” key on your keyboard. To download this guide as a PDF, click here (size 1.5MB)