Author: John Campbell


The importance of a Financial Plan during uncertain times


Once again, our family congregated around the television for our President’s address last night, hoping that the rules may be relaxed a little further, even if just to be allowed to stock up on some wine, see some friends and possibly exercise in the afternoon. It looks like we will need to be patient until the end of the month.

My three sons and I have taken to playing golf during lockdown. We tee off at 4:30 pm every afternoon and play nine holes. Our games last 20 minutes in total, and to date, we have played 47 games. This golf is a little different to the golf we all know, and does not include beautiful fairways and manicured greens. Our holes are the base of the many trees in our garden, and the only club required is a sand wedge.

This time spent with my sons has allowed us to chat about the many aspects of Chartered Wealth. They see me enter my office at 8.30 and emerge again at 4.30, and wonder what it is I do all day.

I explained to them that the core of what we do is ensuring that every client has a RetiremeantTM Plan. You may recall your first meeting at Chartered and remember how, although you wanted to invest some money, we insisted that before you do this, we need to put a plan together. The purpose of the plan, simply put, is to understand what the money is for. In most cases, we work this out together in a life planning discussion. We then work out what return you need on your money to enable you to live the life you aspire to, and then ideally get your money to outlive you. Lastly, we try and understand your risk profile, and ensure that your money is invested appropriately . The critical work is the planning that follows – what we call reviews. I often tell clients that we plan as if that road through life is straight. However, along the way, we are going to experience unexpected events that will require revisiting your plan and adjusting it accordingly.

This Covid-19 virus is one of those unexpected black swan events. These events usually have a significant impact, not only on your money, but on your life too. We have all had first-hand experience of this over the past eight weeks. Our Retiremeant™ and Wealth Specialists have been working hard over this time, trying to reach out to each of you to ensure that your plan is on track and making the necessary changes. It is during these times that importance of a plan is evident as it helps us stick to the longer-term goals and not be distracted by the recent events.

The lockdown moved from a level 5 to a level 4 at the end of April, and with this certain businesses, including Chartered, were allowed to go back to work. However, we have decided that in the interests of our clients and our staff we will continue to work from home for the foreseeable future. We closed the business a week before lockdown when there were 65 confirmed cases and about five new infections a day. It is not prudent to now open our business when there are 12074 cases, and this figure is growing by almost 700 per day.

Thank you to all of our clients who have joined us in adapting to this new online world. Please contact us should you have any questions or concerns. Enjoy your exercise time and stay healthy.

Warm regards


Keeping an open mind while adapting


As we come to the end of day six, the novelty of the Lockdown is starting to wear off, and the reality of the situation is setting in. I am fortunate to have my wife and four children, ranging in age from 12 to 19, at home. We have enjoyed many firsts as a family, including touch rugby in the garden, basketball competitions and very short golf chipping competitions. We are each taking turns to prepare a meal – this is not a strength of mine, so when my turn comes, it may be a braai.

The news continues to be dominated by the coronavirus, and we seem to be spending endless hours trying to differentiate between fake and real news. These hours could be more wisely spent educating ourselves about the virus. Cyril Ramaphosa continues to demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities; he has taken this head-on and continues to impress us with his strategy and foresight. This is a somewhat desperate situation as we have a significant population that can barely be expected to stay in their shacks for extended periods.

At Chartered, although all at home, business continues as usual, we just no longer have the temptation of Moses’ cappuccinos and the delicious cake. Our online meetings are productive, and many of you may have engaged with us over the past two weeks in either a Teams or Zoom online meeting. I am struggling without the human element; it’s just not the same. We are fortunate in our business to spend our days face- to -face meeting with all kinds of people, each with their own story. These various meetings and conversations from markets to families and holidays help us maintain such a connection with people, something, which during these times, we value more than anything.

Our team is incredible in the way that they have adapted to this new norm. There are often 25 of us in an online meeting, looking at each other in our homes, with the occasional squawk from a child or even a coffee delivery from a partner.

With each news alert, it has become a habit to reach over to my phone and look at what impact the event may have on the markets. This has been a rollercoaster like never before, to the extent that a 3 or 4 % move by the market in a day is met with relief. However, we all know that we need to sit tight during these times and not make any irrational decisions. Markets go up over time.

An exciting development is the launch of our new Chartered App. This can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google for Android devices. Many of you have probably transitioned from using internet banking on your computers to mobile banking on your phones or tablets. This tech world in which we are living is all about speed and convenience. We felt it would be prudent to develop an app that can deliver newsletters, invitations to events, instant access to your Retiremeant™ specialist and their team, social media links and interactive tools. During the months ahead, we will explain to you the process of getting your investment statements off the app and have access to specific documents in your client folder, etc. The best part of all is that it can be done from the comfort of your couch. We are very conscious of the security requirements, and you will need to log in with a username and password to enjoy all the benefits. We will be sending out instructions on how to set up the app in due course.

In closing, I encourage you all to avoid the noise, keep healthy, embrace and enjoy the time you have with your loved ones, these times will pass, and we will all emerge a little more resilient and appreciative of the small things in life.

Warm regards


Investing is a patience game


I find it hard to believe that it was only a month ago when I shared with clients around the country the positive 2019 market returns. Jeremy Gardiner spoke about the global economic and political arena. He touched on the Coronavirus and the chaos it was causing in China. This virus to us was foreign, probably not dissimilar to Ebola and SARS. In the space of weeks this disease spread across the world, we were the 79th country to have our first case, and now we are one of 168 countries around the globe who are dealing with this pandemic.

With this genuine scare and rapid infection rate comes panic; not only is it a deadly virus, but it is on our doorsteps and a very real threat to us all. Every three days, the figure of those infected doubles, which has seen SA go from 1 case on the 5th March to 927 cases 3 weeks later. These figures alone justify the extreme lockdown which our President has imposed. Fellow South Africans have justifiably applauded him, and he stands out above many of the leaders of the largest economies in the world, including the US and UK, who have not moved as swiftly.

Our lives are all impacted in many ways, and for most of us, fear and uncertainty prevail. Many employees have lost their jobs, and most South Africans have lost their job security. Calling our team in, and sharing what this potentially means for Chartered, was the hardest day of my 26-year career.

I must commend our clients on how they have handled the news over the past three weeks. Personally, as an avid reader of current affairs, it has been challenging to keep one’s wits about one’s self. The panic and extreme uncertainty have created a very volatile market, every week, new records are broken both in upward and downward swings.

So, where does this leave us all today? We have seen our JSE come off 31% from a high to a low this past month, as of today, 25th March, the market has recovered almost 17% from the low, all in the last three days. This rebound could be a great example of the initial panic selling. Then slowly, sense has prevailed, supported by quantitative easing by the government. I don’t think we are out of the woods yet, but let’s bank this week as a good week. The rand has weakened by approximately 14% over the last month. This depreciation has helped cushion the blow from international markets, which have not been as impacted as our local market.

In Summary, no one knows whether our market will be up or down today, tomorrow, or the next. Our investment consultants, Portfoliometrix and Old Mutual Multi Managers, decide on your asset allocations. They then choose fund managers to manage the various asset classes, being bonds, property and equities. These investment managers are doing all the work in which we feel so eager to meddle. When stock markets go down, they always go back up. Investing is a patience game, sit tight, we will get through this.

Wishing you good health as you spend the next 21 days in your homes. All the staff at Chartered are working from home, and we are here to assist you wherever possible.

All the best


Chartered offices closed but business as usual


Who would have thought that our lives could change so drastically in just a few weeks. As the Coronavirus has emerged and spread, we have watched the world’s reaction with fascination and fear. The transmission patterns have been unpredictable and hard to detect. It’s these two variables that have left people panicked, with much uncertainty of what lies ahead, and no one knowing how to respond effectively.

For all of us, our health is of primary importance, and especially for our older clients and those whose health is compromised. It is for this reason that we have decided to close our offices as of this past Friday 20 March 2020.

We have spent this last week at Chartered preparing for the inevitable shut down of our offices. We have installed software on all of our mobile phones enabling clients who phone the office to have access to any of our staff wherever they are. Our team has all received training on how to have online meetings, both internal and external. We can do a full financial planning review with you while we are all seated in our respective homes. We intend to help our clients over the weeks ahead, enable you to get online and have face to face engagements via computer. We can show you presentations, documents of interest, etc. For any clients who are wishing to do any transactions, we will be doing this in a paperless environment. We will share with you how we will do online signing etc. Both Chartered Tax and Legacy will continue to work under these new conditions and are also available to assist you as required. These new initiatives will take some patience and perseverance. I am confident that we will grow through this time, and new opportunities will emerge.

You have all heard of social distancing, and this is something we now need to do at work, at home, and in our communities. We don’t know how long this will last, but we do know we will need to encourage each other at this time and be true to our resolve to overcome the weeks and months ahead. Please embrace this moment with the gravity it requires, keep fit and healthy, and, most of all, enjoy this downtime with your loved ones; this only comes once in a lifetime.

Although our offices are closed, the business continues as usual, and our team at Chartered are all looking forward to our engagements over the weeks ahead. Please contact me or your Retiremeant™ Specialist should you have any concerns. We will be communicating more frequently over the weeks ahead, if you do not get The Beacon and Inflight communications please email to be added to the list.

Warm regards


COVID-19: ‘going viral’ takes on a new meaning


Recently, Jeremy Gardiner from Investec Asset Management (renaming as Ninety One, in recognition of its date of inception) shared with us developments unfolding on the local, international, political and economic fronts. He expressed concerns about the Coronavirus and its potential threat to the global economy.

Following his talk, as I was about to address the audience, a notification came through confirming South Africa’s first case of Coronavirus … in Hilton, my hometown.

All the hype suddenly became a reality.

Not unexpectedly, panic set in, and people reacted by heading to the shops for supplies, hand sanitisers being highest on the list of priorities – stores were sold out in minutes. My wife, Angela, described the scene at our local Clicks, where queues snaked outside the door as people stocked up.

Unfortunately, global markets took a significant knock as a result of COVID-19. This, coupled with Saudi Arabia’s drastic move to drop to the price of Brent Crude Oil, both so-called ‘black swan events’ (unexpected occurrences with a major impact), has left the markets extremely volatile. Much uncertainty prevails over the impact on the world’s economy of the spread of the Coronavirus. We have seen moves of 5% or 6% in a day, demonstrating the magnitude of the uncertainty. The rand weakened, primarily as a result of foreigners selling their emerging market investments.

Added to these woes, persistent negative news means that South Africa remains in a difficult place. A positive was our Finance Minister’s annual Budget Speech. We were expecting adverse tax increases, and were pleasantly surprised by Tito Mboweni admitting that the only way to resolve our crisis is to cut spending, as he plans to do. Moody’s rating agency is questioning if the proposal to cut the public sector wage bill will be possible to implement, though, with pressure from the unions.

At Chartered, we are aware of the turbulent environment we find ourselves in, and continue to review our clients’ Retiremeant™ plans while encouraging them not to allow emotions to shape decisions. Last year the positive returns surprised us all – none of us would have predicted these after closely following media reports.

Chartered supports the drive to take funds offshore; however, with the volatile rand, caution is advisable, as are carefully planned and executed decisions. The rand- dollar fluctuated by 16% last year between its high and low; had you changed rands for dollars this time four years ago, you would still find yourself in negative territory. We feel that, if the decision to invest offshore is to be made, it should be with a ten-year time horizon.

Thank you for the continued positive engagements with your Planners. Together, we will charter these rough seas.

Warm regards


Reporting from the Helm


It was something to witness. At Crossways Hotel in Hilton, a group gathered, green-clad and geared for a gargantuan clash … all for a coveted gold cup.

I joined a few friends and family to watch the World Cup final, an event that seemed so much more than a game of rugby. I am always amazed at how sport unites a nation: we quickly forget about our turbulent and divided past and all live in the moment together as one.

South Africans are united in diversity and although divisions still clearly exist, we can achieve so much more when individuals come together and commit to a cause. President Cyril Ramaphosa affirmed this when he said that it showed what South Africans can achieve when they worked together for success.

Springbok Coach, Rassie Erasmus inspires us to serve our country following the triumph:
“Rugby should be about giving people hope through the way you play … about bringing people together to forget their problems for a while. It may not be our responsibility as rugby players to do that, but it is our privilege.”

Moody’s puts us on watch

We awoke that same morning to the news that Moody’s global credit rating agency has downgraded its outlook for South Africa. We are now on “negative watch”, the last before a downgrade to “junk status”, something we desperately need to avoid as this could set us back for many years.

The pressure is on our Government to devise serious plans for significant change in time for the Budget in February 2020.

Chartered hosted Investec Asset Management’s Jeremy Gardiner in October to share his latest views on the economy. We may see many negatives locally, but there is so much at play globally. Brexit has now been delayed until end January 2020 and Trump will be aiming for a second term re-election in November 2020. You can read Jeremy Gardiner’s article on the subject here.

Despite it being a volatile year for the markets, our JSE from 2 January to 1 November this year has returned 10.5%, and the dollar has strengthened by 3.5% to the rand.

At Chartered we continue to reinforce the importance of remaining invested and ensuring your investment strategies are adequately diversified both locally and globally to weather these uncertain times.

Chartered grows and expands

We are excited to have opened our Cape Town office. We are confident that Tom Brukman, who has been with us for five years in Johannesburg, will lead the business in Cape Town in line with our Chartered culture of excellence.

We congratulate Tom and his wife, Laura, as they will be welcoming their own tiny addition to their family. Marc Moir will be joining Tom from our Johannesburg office as an Articled Planner in the Cape Town office.

In Port Elizabeth we are delighted that Hayley Giuricich is joining Don and his team. Hayley is a Chartered Accountant and Certified Financial Planner® and I have no doubt she will be a huge asset to the Eastern Cape office. We wish Paul and Shené Greenwood a very happy marriage, and congratulate Don and Tracy Adams on the birth of Luke Michael.

I wholeheartedly congratulate Esther Mabunda for qualifying as a Certified Financial Planner® and on achieving her advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning. We are very proud of her growth and achievements.

Finally, on behalf of the Chartered Family, I thank you for your support and contribution to Chartered over the past year. We are always grateful for the time we share together and the many insights you give us as we continue to strive to be the leading retirement planning business in South Africa.

Warm regards



In the news – some anxiety, some advantage

On busy days at Chartered House, you may find me picking up on news headlines between meetings. Our round glass table in reception displays the daily newspapers, and I regularly scan them for positive news – sometimes, in vain.

National Health Insurance Bill

The headline catching my eye in the last few months has been of particular concern: the tabling of the National Health Insurance Bill, which aims for universal access to primary healthcare for all South Africans. My immediate question is “How?” I have had many discussions with friends and clients who are doctors and their predominant feeling is that there is not a chance that they can depend on getting paid by the government every month. Furthermore, how can six million taxpayers fund this scheme for a population of 55 million people?

This proposed Bill, together with the Expropriation Bill (land expropriation without compensation), has South Africans in a state of suspended agitation – on those proverbial tenterhooks. Both these Bills still need to go through an extensive parliamentary process before becoming legislation.

Good news for Investors

On the investment front we saw South Africa’s largest stock and success story Naspers announce the listing of its offshore assets in a new entity on the Amsterdam Euronext market. This new share, Prosus, holds all of Naspers’s foreign-owned assets, which includes its 31% holding in the Chinese internet giant, Tencent. I am explaining this to you because most of our clients (through their unit trust holdings) hold approximately 9% of their equity investments in Naspers, so this is a significant development for all of us.

The rationale behind this move is as follows:

  • Naspers was 21% of our JSE and this size had become a constraint
  • Naspers is now 14% of the JSE.
  • By listing offshore, Prosus is now eligible for inclusion in the global indices.
  • Developed market funds could not buy Naspers before owing to limitations on their mandate; they can now invest in this for the first time.
  • This is very positive for the South African investor, who now holds shares in both Prosus and Naspers.

Prescribed Assets

I have noticed in client meetings that many people are concerned about Prescribed Assets, where the government makes it law for retirement funds to invest in certain government-approved investments. For any of us, the thought of buying bonds in SAA or Eskom is most concerning.

There are couple of important points to note:

  • This policy applies only to retirement funds, such as RAs, Pension funds and Provident funds.
  • This policy does not propose to include living annuities.
  • It will only apply to a very small percentage of your investment, if at all.
  • At this stage, the policy has been mentioned as a consideration; but, for it to be implemented, it must go through fairly rigorous process and will take a long time to become law. We will keep you informed of any further developments.

Great news for the Chartered Family

We congratulate one of our Retiremeant Specialists, Tiffany Venter, on her marriage to Chris over this past weekend. We wish Mr and Mrs Havinga much happiness for their future.


Financial Planning with Chartered excellence


When I started financial planning 25 years ago, I quickly learnt that there were many significant flaws in the industry. During your working lives, you may have either experienced or witnessed some of these pitfalls.

The first is that most clients deal with an individual advisor who represents a bigger business or themselves, but who approach planning in their own way. I believe that dealing with one person compromises you and your family’s financial wellbeing.

I recall my father getting advice on different occasions from two people representing the same company: their advice was completely different. I remember seeing another client who received a letter in the post informing them that their advisor was emigrating. Where does it leave the client in each instance? The greatest risk to your finances is a new advisor changing your investments to suit him.

Considering this very real problem, when we set out to build our company, we decided that Chartered Wealth Solutions would have an offering and advice process followed by everyone who worked here, ensuring consistency of advice. It was also essential for our Planners to have an associate with them in meetings so that at least two people were aware of clients’ family circumstances and finances.

It is important that our clients deal with specialists. In my first eight years in the industry, as a generalist, I offered advice across the full spectrum of financial services: retirement funds, medical aids, life assurance, and investments. As the industry became more complex, we realised that the general practitioner days were limited – being the best at everything was impossible. I equate this to a General Practitioner versus a Specialist in the medical field: if you need heart surgery, you are unlikely to consult your GP.

Chartered ensures that at every point of the advice process you deal with a specialist: a team only advising on medical aids; a team of lawyers who only write Wills, with a specialist executor winding up estates; dedicated specialists in assurance with a thorough understanding of this complex industry. Our RetiremeantTM specialists are highly trained, all with honours degrees in Financial Planning who not only understand RetiremeantTM but who also recognise when to involve another specialist in your planning – our team of tax specialists at Chartered Tax is an example. We have worked hard to build a business offering consistency of advice, where a team of specialists takes care of you and your family’s financial planning needs. We encourage our clients to form trusted relationships with our specialists, knowing that we can be true custodians of your RetiremeantTM.

I am often cautious to share much from Chartered’s behind-the-scenes, but following a recent forum where clients shared their experiences of Chartered, I realised that much goes on that clients should know. For many years we have been working on Chartered Invest, a business responsible for the implementation of your investments. This is because there is often a blurring between advice and implementation and, though inextricably linked, these are two distinct functions.

Two exciting outcomes are, firstly, the vastly improved reporting, simplifying your affairs and placing all your investments on one statement (not the variety from a few providers you may be receiving currently); and, secondly, the Chartered App. This will give you access to your new statements and Chartered newsletters and invitations. We will share more in the months ahead about this new offering.

Warm regards

You can read John Campbell’s article on the SA elections by clicking here.


Resetting South Africa


Some commentators said that the inauguration of the President of South Africa was reminiscent of 1994: a resurgence of hope and an optimism about the future of the country. Certainly, as I watched Cyril Ramaphosa’s swearing in, I felt more positive about the country’s prospects than I had in some time.

While an ANC win was inevitable, the ruling party’s reputation was severely tarnished by the revelations of the depth of state capture and the number of government officials involved in various degrees and manifestations of corruption. I am assured that, had Jacob Zuma still been the President, the ANC vote would have been closer to 50% and they would have lost Gauteng. Voter turnout dropped (65.99% of registered voters, contrasted with 73.5% in 2014), no doubt attributable to disillusionment with any of the political parties’ ability to effect change.

Strong leadership for investor confidence

As I write this, we are awaiting the announcement of the Cabinet by the President. That he will be able to compose this body completely free of any questionable members is unlikely, but he has assured us that it will be a leaner one. During his nine-year tenure, Zuma’s Cabinet swelled to 35, with ministers earning over R2 million a year and their deputies R1.9 million. Tax-payers want to have the confidence that their contributions for the betterment of the country are used for just that – and not for lining the pockets of fat-cats.

In addition, we expect the President to get the economy back on track, with positive gains for the Rand. A stable government with clearly-defined policies will engender investor confidence and encourage more inflows of foreign direct investment and local investment into the country. President Ramaphosa needs to provide clarity on such issues as land appropriation without compensation, and the nationalisation of the Reserve Bank. People only invest when they know that their money will be safe.
Ramaphosa’s ability to get the economy on track and to rid the ANC of individuals tainted by corruption and links to state capture is crucial to a more secure outlook. A stronger economy will generate an environment more conducive to a collaboration between government and the private sector – creating jobs is a priority not to be ignored, both for a thriving economy and to manage an increasingly hopeless unemployed, unskilled South African youth.
Our investment consultants will be watching for political and economic developments, ready to make changes always in the best interests of our clients. While I believe that Cyril Ramaphosa is the man best placed to lead this country to a more prosperous future, that future remains an uncertain one, and we are investing in the wake of a difficult time for both the country and our flagging market.

With so much focus on local happenings, it is worth noting that global factors (such as a weakened UK market and tensions between China and the US) impact equity markets significantly than a local event such as the outcome of our elections.

Matching your vision to your values

I find President Ramaphosa’s vision of “friendship, solidarity and co-operation” a hopeful one. So much can be achieved by a shared goal and solid values. When Barclay and I merged our companies 20 years ago to establish Chartered Wealth Solutions, we had a vision: to create a company committed to serving its clients with excellence.
We little knew that the Chartered team of four at the time would grow to a company of more than 80 staff and would extend our service to include Chartered Tax and Chartered Legacy & Trust. Our recently established Chartered Invest enables us to ensure that our vision of excellent service is consistent through every client interaction. When we receive positive feedback from our clients, we recognise that it is because our values pervade the company.
President Ramaphosa’s vision of “a society in which our worth is determined by how we value others” resonates with me, and I join his call of “Thuma Thina” – Send Us.


SA and the world: slowing, but growing

SA and the world: slowing, but growing

Recently, I have witnessed my father grappling with illness. He has been in and out of hospital, trying hard to maintain his characteristic strength. 

It has been a unique experience for me to see him dependent on us and on medical staff. To our family, Peter Campbell has always been that man to whom we look for decisive action and a refusal to give up. 

Times of uncertainty tend to highlight our fears, and often prompt personal introspection.  I have been reflecting on my own example set for my children that will help them when they face their own challenges as they grow.

The reality of the South African situation

Uncertainty has certainly been a theme in my past year’s communications.  The passing of the presidential baton to Cyril Ramaphosa, the unearthing of so much dishonesty, the reports of how state-owned enterprises are buckling under the loss of revenue owing to corruption … all of these can leave us wondering where to from here: in the dark (often, literally!).

Another emerging theme, though, in the wake of this year’s SONA and Budget Speech, has been gratitude for the new leadership in contrast to the former Zuma regime – you can read my Budget Speech comment by clicking here

In the words of Investec Asset Management’s Jeremy Gardiner: “One shudders to think how angry and depressed we would have been if we still had Jacob Zuma as President, with the prospect of another five years of the Zuma presidency after elections. We would still have Finance Minister Gigaba running what would be an officially (across all three rating agencies) junk economy and similarly junk currency, probably around R25 to the US dollar.”

Jeremy’s economic update at Chartered earlier this month was entitled: Signs of Spring? (you can read his full article by clicking here). He suggests that many South Africans have reached their ‘capitulation point’ – angry and disillusioned.  Many may feel that they are powerless in the face of rising petrol and electricity prices and further evidence of the crippling of state-owned enterprises. 

The power of perspective

Unsurprisingly, you can find both positive and negative responses to our global and local political and economic context.  Biznews Editor, Alec Hogg, reported on 11 March that “Africa is back in fashion” among global investors, according to the most recent issue of The Economist.  This publication dedicated four pages, including its lead article, to “The New Scramble for Africa”. Hogg himself views the low South African share prices as an opportunity to buy, not despair.

South Africa will lead the pack, says Hogg, “if president Cyril Ramaphosa achieves his objective of making the country the continental gateway”.  Of course, fixing the country remains a priority, especially Eskom, and holding looters to account.

The power of choice

When it comes to that legacy of character I want to leave my children, I turn to the words of Viktor Frankl, Holocaust survivor:  ”When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”

In the context of South African – and global – uncertainty, I want to model an attitude that demonstrates the power of personal choice.  We all undoubtedly will find ourselves in circumstances that we cannot control in the course of our lives (illness, the economic and political situation, the markets dipping, corrupt practices), but we still all certainly have the choice regarding how to respond.

In line with this philosophy, I will be casting my vote on 8 May, in the belief that we all have a role to play.  As a Financial Planner, I want my clients to know that there is always more value in having a financial plan than none, especially when there is market uncertainty. 

I am always grateful to clients who express gratitude for and confidence in Chartered and our approach to financial planning. We are committed to seeing each of our clients retiring successfully.

Warm regards,


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