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When it comes to financial planning, Barclay believes that Chartered Wealth is a place where meaning and money can meet.

“I believe that financial planning is a lot more than just the critical role of managing a client’s money wisely. It also requires an insight into the client’s life and what money really means to them – managing a client’s money and helping them make the most of it, is what financial planning is really all about”.

Barclay first joined the industry in 1991 working for Standard Bank, while he completed a BCom at WITS.  During this time, he identified a passion for helping people manage their financial lives which resulted in him buying a small insurance brokerage in 1995.  In 1997, Barclay and John Campbell merged their respective businesses to form Chartered Wealth Solutions in 2002.

He currently practises as a retirement planner and heads up business and strategic development at Chartered Wealth Solutions.

Barclay has shared his knowledge, philosophy and advice with the media and has made several appearances on SABC and Summit TV.

Barclay is married with two children and values the time spent with his family and friends. He never turns down the opportunity for a refreshing swim or an energetic session on the tennis court! Barclay endeavours to create space in his busy diary to accommodate his other much-loved hobbies that include travelling, reading and birding.