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Carmen holds to honesty as the most crucial quality in building long-lasting relationships with her clients, colleagues and peers. She has found that helping others achieve their goals is the most rewarding aspect of her role in the financial services industry; she thrives on delivering excellence to reassure each of her clients that their well-being is her number one priority.

With such an approach, Carmen has found a home, she says, at Chartered Wealth Solutions. “Because of the passion they so effortlessly demonstrate in meeting their clients’ needs, I have found meaning and hope to live out the same commitment.”

Carmen joined the financial services industry in 2009 and discovered this is where her passion lies. She finds working with people most stimulating, and views each day as a fresh opportunity to learn something new.

Carmen loves travelling and meeting new people and learning about their different cultures. She is a qualified Master Diver and this enables her to see the world through different eyes – a spectacular experience! She loves being outdoors to revel in all that nature has to offer.