Outstanding Implementation of your Investment Plan

Our Investment implementation service uses the leading investment vehicle administrators and a network of local and global investment consulting professionals. This ensures that your investment strategy is achieved using the lowest possible level of risk, and that costs are kept to a minimum.

Administration and reporting of the highest quality

Our implementation service, Chartered Invest, provides a platform where the administration and reporting are independent and of the highest quality. We stay with you on your journey by delivering consolidated, customised reporting to help you understand your investments better. And you’ll also always have your RetiremeantTM Specialist available to answer your financial questions.

Minimising risk and costs across your investment landscape

We have several goals in mind when we implement your Investment strategy: we work to minimise your risk – from asset management to investment structures, we keep ahead of changes in the industry, and always consider keeping costs to a minimum.

Comprehensive statements with everything in one place

Once you’ve implemented your Investment Plan, you’ll get your return information all on one statement, regardless of where your financial vehicles might sit. And because you will receive a comprehensive statement, you can pay attention to just that ‘one number’ or dive in as deep as you like. 

Proactive monitoring of your plan and annual reviews

We are responsible for annual reviews of your plan and are proactive on your behalf: we monitor your circumstances, financial planning objectives, status of the market, and deliver your reporting.

We invite you to start your RetiremeantTM journey with us.

Chartered invest is an authorised financial services provider (FSP No. 44865)

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Chartered Wealth Solutions is an authorised financial services provider
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