Efficient Tax Planning by Tax Specialists

We believe that Tax Planning is an integral part of the RetiremeantTM Planning process. We have an experienced team of Tax Specialists and accountants in-house who nurture ongoing relationships with our Tax clients and meet with them several times a year.

Retirement income that’s tax efficient

Our Tax team knows you and your plans, whether it’s for RetiremeantTM, or for your Estate, Will or Trust and they work closely with your Planning Specialists to create a holistic view of your RetiremeantTM picture. This enables them to ensure that you draw your retirement income as tax efficiently as possible.

Long-term Tax Planning that makes a difference

We want you to be in the optimum position with regard to taxes, ensure that you are tax compliant, and have an efficient Tax Plan. Our experience shows that with a five-year lead time in Tax Planning, your results can be greatly improved. That’s why we place such an emphasis on our holistic planning process.

Our Tax Team will not only submit tax returns, but will also build tax liability into your Plan. And they’ll work with our Legacy & Trust team to ensure that your Trust and governance files are compliant.

Clear Tax compliance structures to give you the freedom you want

There are many financial transitions on your journey in RetiremeantTM; at some point you may want to sell your house, invest offshore, or retire to the next chapter you envision. And when you do, you’ll get the tax clearances you need, because our Tax Specialists have done the work to make sure you’ve got your Tax Plan sorted and that it is compliant.

Most importantly, you’ll have the peace of mind that your tax affairs are in order, and that there won’t be any surprises.

We invite you to start your RetiremeantTM journey with us.

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Tax Specialists

Charmaine Prout

Charmaine Prout

Director of Chartered Tax
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Lucy Nel

Senior Bookkeeper
Tannith Ross

Tannith Ross

Senior Bookkeeper and Junior Tax Consultant
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