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Challenge to think and live differently – leadership through taking initiative

At Chartered, we believe in personal and professional growth; this requires each employee to initiate and take ownership for their own development. We encourage each person to cultivate an enquiring mind, to read extensively (we have a fully stocked library), to nurture an awareness of living to their full potential.

Contagious energy driven by passion – eagerness to go the extra mile

Passion is an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm that impacts everyone else around you. As a company, we foster this passion and believe that it inspires our willingness to help others, extending beyond the bounds of individual responsibility.

Inspire trust through excellence – overall productivity and quality of work

Excellence propagates trust, and, paradoxically, trust is the foundation on which productivity is built. Therefore, as a company, we commit to building trust as way to sustain service of distinction.

Build lifelong relationships through caring, attendance and attitude towards work and colleagues

Our company culture is based on building positive relationships with both our clients and colleagues. It is the relationships that we form throughout our lives that have the biggest impact on us as a whole. Genuinely caring for colleagues and clients, committing our time and talents, and maintaining a positive attitude to our work develops trust and relationships of significance.