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Christina wants the best for her clients.  She loves getting to know them and learning about what is important to them.  For Christina, the relationship-building aspect of her job allows her to create truly bespoke financial plans that are unique to each client.

Christina joined the financial services industry in 2000 and her passion for wanting to be of ever increasing value to her clients, propelled her to carry on learning more.  This ultimately resulted in her obtaining her CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® status in 2012.

After gaining practical experience in the industry, she has come to realise just how important good personal financial planning is.  With all the information available to clients today, Christina believes that they need help in navigating the options available to them.

Christina joined Chartered Wealth Solutions in May 2013 as a Retirement Specialist.  She is thrilled to be working for a company who has spearheaded the change in focus from crunching the numbers, to building a “living” plan modelled to the client’s needs and wants.  Chartered’s holistic philosophies resonate with Christina and she has found great synergy between her beliefs, and their client-focused approach.

Christina is married to a photographer and has twin girls.  Family is very important to her and spending time with her husband and their girls is a top priority in her life.  She also loves to experiment in the kitchen when she is not doing research or reading.