Clients contribute to pursuit of quality

//Clients contribute to pursuit of quality

Clients contribute to pursuit of quality

The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.

With apologies to Vince Lombardi, US football player, coach and executive, I take the liberty of amending his words quoted above to apply to Chartered Wealth Solutions: “The quality of a company’s offering is in direct proportion to its people’s commitment to excellence”.

Chartered hosts a Client Advisory Panel twice a year, in May and September.  This is a wonderful time of connecting very directly and frankly with our clients on one point of discussion,
scruntinising our company’s value offering rather than our clients’ financials or the balance in their lives.  The friendly exchanges belie the very serious rationale underlying the
meeting:  stated simply, we want to know that we are doing is meeting the needs of our clients – those who have entrusted the care of their investments to us – and we want to be aware of
areas of improvement.

To this end, three of our Exco members, including myself, met with a panel of nine clients last week.

I would, at the outset, like to thank those clients for their time and commitment to honest feedback.  Then, I must say that I was gratified to hear how much our panel appreciated the way we have taken care of their money and the advice we have offered in this regard – this is, of course, the very least a financial planning company should do.  We revel in the comments that indicate that our clients trust their financial planners (they are people and not just a voice
at the other end of the telephone) and that the financial planning documents are comprehensive and easily understood.

In addition, though, our clients’ stories attest to the impact that our Life Planning process has had on the success and fulfilment they have experienced in this Third Act of their lives.  This seems to engender a sense of gratitude for what they have, rather than what they wish they had formerly acquired or achieved.

We take very seriously the areas of improvement.  One, in particular, that we are passionate
about is educating the wider community on saving for retirement (the younger generation); the older generation needs to understand that retirement has changed … and they are not  guaranteed that their employers will take care of their retirement planning.

That, after all, is why Chartered Wealth is a place of passion – we love to ensure that our clients can look forward to a secure and fulfilled retirement.

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John is currently Chief Executive Officer at Chartered Wealth Solutions, where his main responsibilities are overseeing the day-to-day running of the business, financial planning and strategy implementation.

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