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Chartered Wealth Solutions’ Workshops prepare employees for that significant transition into retirement through practical and interactive presentations. Our philosophy is that retirement gives you the freedom to achieve your yet unfulfilled dreams on your own terms and in your own time, and this philosophy is distilled into our workshops.

Retire Successfully: Your journey to living a meaningful and balanced life in retirement

This six-hour workshop is aimed at those approaching retirement, typically aged around 55 years of age and above. It was designed to help the participant see retirement as a start rather than an end; plump with possibilities rather than a narrowing of life; as a chance to make dreams come true rather than relinquishing them. Only then can they truly have a second half that is better than the first.

Each workshop includes interactive exercises to get the participants to think about the aspects of their life that influence their goals, dreams and hence their financial futures. Each workshop includes real-time live questionnaires which allows us to gain important information on the current financial situation of the participants – for example, how many have valid wills, how many believe they are saving enough and additional relevant financial information.

Our Retire Successfully workshop in more detail

Chartered’s definition of retirement is “Retirement gives you freedom to achieve your yet unfulfilled dreams and goals on your own terms and in your own time”

Topics covered in the Retire Successfully Workshop:

Retirement Life Planning

  • Journey of self-exploration
  • Past memories impact today’s beliefs
  • Redefining retirement
  • Shifting from success to significance
  • Achieving balance in your life
  • Creating your own Wheel of Balance
  • Creating your own Bucket Wheel

Financial Planning and Estate Planning

  • Financial planning and the importance of this relationship in retirement
  • Understanding retirement vehicles and what is suitable for you
  • What your company has done for you and the importance of making the right decisions on the day you retire
  • What it will look like for your family when you leave them behind
  • The importance of your investment strategy for retirement, and how it is different from now


An insightful presentation that changed the way I think about money and has made me more conscious about the long relationship I need to have with my financial plan.


Relevant, Interesting & Constructive. A very comprehensive discussion on retirement. Lots to think about and plan. Thoroughly enjoyed the session. Thank you


I have learnt a lot about retirement. The importance of the wheel and learning new skills. To be wiser when investing money. I want to give thanks to Anglo American to give us such great opportunities about our future


Really enjoyed the session and would to encourage my wife to have a planning session with yourselves


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