Health and happiness are a choice

//Health and happiness are a choice

Health and happiness are a choice

Dr Wayne Derman’s tips on living long and healthily are easy to remember … and to put into

Physical activity – how much do you need?Pat and Nan Gatskill

The good news is that ANY increase in exercise has a dramatic impact on your wellbeing, reducing the risk of cancer, strokes, hypertension by more than 25%.  Were there a tablet that did this for you, you would be popping one each day!  Make the change – no excuses such as too old, too fat, too sick.  The help is out there for you.

The most effective anti-ageing intervention?

Calorie reduction is the best way to retard the ageing process.  We all have genes that dictate how we respond to different foods, but certain foods benefit us all:  vegetables, especially leafy greens; high fibre for gut health; foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.Mike and Lauren

And foods to avoid are common to us all: sugar, highly refined foods, transfat salt, high glycemic loads.

The most dangerous piece of equipment of the century …

… is the chair!  Sitting is the new smoking and the damage caused by six hours seated per day cannot be mitigated by even a rigorous exercise regime.  Get up every hour and move, stretch, take the stairs, do desk exercises.Pat and Clients

In summation, Dr Wayne Derman’s encouraging message is that we can choose how we age:  “Being sick, sad and fat is within our control,” says Wayne.  He urges us to choose whether we smoke or not; how much we exercise; what
and how we eat.

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