The importance of death and disability insurance and a 2013 market summary

//The importance of death and disability insurance and a 2013 market summary

The importance of death and disability insurance and a 2013 market summary

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Your most valuable asset during your working life is your ability to earn an income.  It is just as much an asset as your car and your home and as such it needs to be insured.  Chartered Wealth Solutions works primarily with people who are either close to or in retirement, where the focus tends to shift away from protecting your ability to earn an income, and more towards protecting and growing the money you have accumulated in your working life.  In a nutshell, a shift from insuring to investing.
A few years ago we set up a business called Chartered Financial Planning in response to requests from our clients to assist their children with their financial planning needs.  Saving tends to be a focus for these younger clients who are in the wealth accumulation phase of their lives.  Regrettably, protecting their ability to earn an income isn’t as much of a priority.  These protection mechanisms take the form of disability insurance, both permanent and temporary, and life insurance.  Insurance is also generally a grudge purchase, making it even less of a priority for some.  The likelihood of these events (death or disability) ever happening to you, is slim.  If one of other tragedy did happen, however, and you weren’t insured, your family could be left destitute. 
Craig Turton, the director of Chartered Financial Planning, has been working with us for over five years and has advanced experience in the world of insurance and financial planning for this age bracket.  I encourage you to contact him at Chartered Financial Planning should you or anyone in your family have insurance needs.
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A market summary
As we approach the end of 2013, I feel it is important to provide you with a concise summary of the markets up to now.  I am always fascinated by what we read in the press and see on the news versus what we experience in the stock markets.  This misconception is that there must be some correlation between the two – if sentiment is down, so too are stock markets.
Our experience of the markets this year is testament to the fact that this is not always the case.  The bulk of what we have been seeing in the media this year has been negative; the on-going labour problems, corrupt leadership in our government, crime on the rise, etc.  The stock market, however, continues to surprise us.
The all share index is up 12% this year and bear in mind, last year it was exceptional.  We have seen a 13% depreciation in the Rand/US Dollar exchange rate.  International markets have been strong with the MSCI up over 20%: in Rand terms this equates to a 32% return.  Our investment consultants have been quite bullish overseas with most of the investment strategies getting the full 25% exposure in the international markets.  And although I cannot say everything is looking promising, our markets in general have continued to deliver great returns.
I welcome your input regarding these topics.  If you would like to discuss anything with me, please drop me an email.
And finally, I would like to congratulate James Carvalho, a director and financial planner at Chartered Wealth Solutions, on his marriage to Mandy this past weekend.  On behalf of everyone at Chartered, we wish them both all the happiness in the world.

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