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John first joined the Financial Services Industry in 2003 when he started as a Business Consultant at Discovery.  Prior to this he was a Sales and Marketing Manager in an Engineering company after completing his teaching degree at Wits University. His major subjects were Education, Psychology and Sports Science.

In 2006, John moved to the Gallet Group as a Financial Planner and Managing Director the Gallet Group Healthcare Company. He was awarded his CFP® qualification in 2006 and went on to do his Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Planning Law in 2009, specialising in Estate Planning and Risk Management. He has been a member of the FPI (Financial planning Institute) since 2004.

John joined the Chartered Group at the beginning of 2010 to focus on Financial Planning in the Retirement space. His ability to understand and relate to his client’s individual experiences, combined with his background in psychology and education, as well as his own personal life experiences enable John to exceed client expectations.

John enjoys his educational role as Chief Financial Officer to his clients. He is reliable, sincere and genuinely interested in his clients stories. His philosophy of “the truth will set you free” and having his clients best interests at heart, ensures the correct advice for each individual is given.

John enjoys an active lifestyle of cycling and triathlon. He is married to Monique and has 3 beautiful children, twins Gregory and Matthew aged 13 and Mark aged 4.

In a world where knowledge has become a commodity, care needs to be taken to ensure that the advice you heed is from a trusted source! Trust is a like a crystal vase – once broken it will never be the same.