A leader without a title

//A leader without a title

A leader without a title

Recently, a number of our Chartered staff attended a seminar at the Sandton Convention Centre at which Robin Sharma was the keynote speaker. We often recommend his books – the most popular of which has been The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari – to clients, so I was interested to hear their reports of the quality of his content.

The theme of the seminar was Leadership Redefined and Sharma took an interesting stance: he suggested that we are all leaders, really, and called each person: A leader without a title. “There is not a person in the world who cannot change the world,” he claimed. “Every day, you have the opportunity to show mastery, to show the best humanity can be.” He suggested that leaders are inspired by change, rather than fearing it.

His words made me reflect on my own growth, both professionally and personally, and I came to the conclusion that I have not become who I am on my own: I have been encouraged, guided, corrected, and nurtured. I have been tutored, taught, examined and pushed … all with what I believe has been a positive result.

With this idea clearly in mind, Chartered has embarked on an initiative to formalise the process of mentorship that has always happened naturally in this company. Our planners work with their teams, thereby growing them and expanding their expertise. Now we are looking at ways we can take this to the next level. We have thoroughly enjoyed our introductory session with Life Coach, Colleen Joy-Page, and I was excited to see the extent to which our whole company embraced the idea of mentorship. I think this is because our company has always valued a culture of learning, and mentorship naturally grows out of that.

I hope that you, our clients, will see the benefits of our mentorship programme, as it develops and evolves to create the best employees (and therefore best company!) that we can. Ultimately, we aim to ensure that it is our clients’ experience of Chartered Wealth Solutions that is excellent, as the outcome of any internal changes that we make. Thank you for your interaction with our growing staff base, and your encouragement of our younger planners as they shape their careers.

Warm regards
John Campbell

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John is currently Chief Executive Officer at Chartered Wealth Solutions, where his main responsibilities are overseeing the day-to-day running of the business, financial planning and strategy implementation.

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