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Life at Chartered


We consider Chartered’s commitment to growing its people unique – and life coaching benefits the employee, the client, the company. Chartered employs the expertise and services of its very own trusted coach, Colleen Joy-Page, who has become part of the Chartered family as she teaches us the necessary skills.


Respect Appreciate and Value Everyone. The RAVE crew helps create and maintain the ‘vibe’ in our offices. They make sure that we not only work hard but also make time to form long-lasting relationships. They also encourage health and well-being by organising wellness days bi-annually.

Team-building activities

These are organised by the RAVE crew, with each activity having a purpose greater than purely time out of the office. We aim to encourage crossing of boundaries and interacting with those we are less familiar with. Some of our activities include the amazing race at the zoo, drumming, a gladiator challenge, go-karting, ten-pin bowling, and a cook-a-thon.

Chartered's reward and recognition programme

The success of our business is reflected in the quality, imagination and initiative of our employees. We have therefore developed Chartered’s Rewards and Recognition programme to reward our employees for their unique contributions and achievements.

Mentorship Philosophy

This is a great way to ensure sharing of knowledge and experience. We urge all our staff to have a mentor to guide them through their professional careers. An effective self-actualisation technique is learning from more experienced colleagues. We have developed a culture of learning, and mentorship is a natural extension of that culture.

Give-back initiatives

From the outset, Chartered prioritised supporting the transformation of South Africa. Throughout the years we have made significant contributions, not just financially, but through relationships and company activities – among our projects has been: gifts to Princess Alice (one of JHB child welfare centres); donations to the SPCA; monetary support for St Mary’s Children’s home; supporting the set-up of Tumi and Karabo crèche; painting t-shirts for another Johannesburg Child Welfare centre. We also ensure that we collect contributions for days such as Slipper day, Sunflower Fund and Casual Day.


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