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Retirement Planning for women – the different concerns and considerations
Kim Potgieter
Bronwyn Seaborne of Business Day TV hosts Kim Potgieter, Director and Retirement Life Planner at Chartered Wealth Solutions as they
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When a loved one can no longer manage their financial affairs
Pat Blamire
When Sue’s planner noticed that Sue was becoming increasingly forgetful and tended to repeat herself in meetings, she realised that
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Effects of the proposed wealth tax in South Africa
Pat Blamire
Wealth tax is a hotly debated topic, especially since South Africa’s taxpayers are already overburdened. So, the invitation from the
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Vote for Retire Successfully!
Kim Potgieter
Our retirement have been nominated for 2017 Best Senior Living Award! A US website – SeniorHomes.com – has nominated Retire
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Plan for when you can no longer plan
Chartered Wealth Solutions
Recently, my client admitted that she is no longer capable of managing her everyday financial affairs. How can you and
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Minding your Ps and RAs
Pat Blamire
So, you have been saving faithfully towards your retirement. You are confident that you have enough stashed away in the
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When work meets wonderful
Kim Potgieter
It’s a wonderful thing when someone loves what they do. I’m grateful to say that I am one of those
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Chartered family fun in Port Elizabeth
Chartered Wealth Solutions
This May, Chartered Wealth Eastern Cape clients were treated to an evening at The Club on 12 Bird Street in
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Because we view our clients as part of our Family, we love to communicate with them as meaningfully as possible. Our monthly Inflight newsletter offers inspiring insights into RetiremeantTM and is filled with our clients’ remarkable stories, Chartered events, a message from Director, Kim Potgieter, and recommended reading – all centered around the Wheel of Balance to help our clients live a fulfilling life.

Our Weelkly RetiremeantTM Tips guide our clients into living fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Twice a year, our clients receive The Beacon, with a message from the Chartered Wealth Solutions Directors and thought-provoking articles from our RetiremeantTM Specialists. We also feature Chartered client activities and accounts of clients’ adventures, travels or new careers.

Kim Potgieter shares a monthly blog Courageous Currency Conversations that inspires readers to assess and understand their relationship with money. The blogs features practical tools to guide a mindshift to create positive and powerful transitions.

We are happy to share these communiques with you and hope you will enjoy reading them!

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Printed Media

Money conversations to have with your children

Caffeine and Fairydust, July 2018

Top 5 money conversations every family should have

Longevity, July 2018

Your money story: the brave new you

Longevity, June 2018

Assessing your own money story: your patterns

Longevity, June 2018

What is your money story? Taking ownership of it

Longevity, Financial Health, May 2018

Success Story Profile

BIZBUZZ Success Story Profile, 19 February 2018

Step out of the debt trap

Healthy Times, Sunday Times supplement, 3 December 2017

Don’t come digitally undone

Longevity, Financial Health, Edition V 2017

Detox your Debt

Longevity, Financial Health, Edition IV 2017

Get tough on family who bleed you dry

Personal Finance, May 2016


 Worried about money? How to have a courageous chat with your spouse about it 

Life planner Kim Potgieter shares five tips on navigating the complexities around money and relationships with Ray White on Talk Radio 702. September 2018

Top 5 tips for Financial Wellness in a Marriage 

Kim shares some 5 tips for financial wellness in a marriage and relationships with Kutlwano Masote on the Classic Living show.

Top 5 tips on how to get your kids money smart

Kim joined Breakfast with Martin Bester to teach children how to be smart with money. July 2018

When your partner sabotages the financial plan

Kim sheds some light at Classic Living on Classic 102.7, July 2018.

Classic Living on Classic FM

Kim explains the importance of managing money from a young age and how parents can equip their children with good financial advice and how to be responsible with your finances, June 2018.

Classic Wellness: Love and Money

Kim sheds some light on the deep-rooted relationship we have with money on Classic Wellness on Classic 102.7, March 2018.

How to become totally free from debt in 2018

Kim Potgieter with Ray White of 702 talk, December 2017

How to become totally free from debt in 2018

Have you ever bought something just to make you feel happy – or appear more successful – not because you need it? If you are serious about getting rid of debt; a good starting point is to be honest with yourself, December 2017

Get Tough on Family who Bleed you dry

The Courageous Currency series on Classic FM with Michael Avery comes to a close with perhaps the toughest of all conversations … How to get tough on family who bleed who dry. Kim explores this tough yet very frequent family dynamic, July 2017

Protect our Families and Assets on Death

Where there’s a will, there’s a way… the sixth installment of the Courageous Currency series on Classic FM Kim and Michael Avery discuss Wills and Trusts. Two documents that can help us protect our families and assets upon death, July 2017

The "M" word... Midlife Crisis ...

The “M” word … Midlife Crisis … often described as the the day you wake up and wonder if this is as good as it gets? Or if your life could be better? The fifth segment of the Courageous Currency series on Classic FM sees Kim and Michael Avery chatting about this life transition and the implications for your money, July 2017

Talking Money with your Family

What crucial conversations do you need to have with your spouse/significant other and children? The fourth segment of the Courageous Currency series on Classic FM sees Kim guiding us on how to broach the taboo topic of money by having effective money conversations, June 2017

Our Relationship with Money

The Courageous Currency series on Classic FM continues with Kim getting us to dig deep by thinking about our relationship with money. She explains how this intimate and crucially important relationship subconsciously guides our attitudes and behaviours around money, subconsciously, May 2017

The Concept of our Money Story

Michael Avery of Classic FM hosts Kim for a Courageous Currency series. In the first installment of the series Kim introduces us to the concept of our money story and how being aware and owning it can be empowering, May 2017

The Role of Money in Relationships and Divorce

Kim joined Family Law Attorney Elizabeth Cardona for a panel discussion on Classic FM on the role of money in relationships and what happens in the case of divorce, April 2017

The Role of Money in Relationships and Divorce

Michael Avery and Classic FM host Kim for a panel discussion on the often overlooked emotional and psychological aspects of retirement, March, 2017


New Retirement Thinking
You and Your Money

Business Day TV with Bryan Hirsch 10 December 2018

You and Your Money
Retirement Planning

Business Day TV with Bryan Hirsch 18 September 2018

New Retirement Thinking
Part 2 of 2

Business day with Bronwyn Seaborne

New Retirement Thinking
Part 1 of 2

Business day with Bronwyn Seaborne

Book Launch

RETIREMEANT: Get more meaning from your money

Kim Potgieter on her book

For many, the subject of retirement triggers a subconcious ugly truth.

New Retirement Thinking
Part 2

Kura Chihota is joined by with Kim Potgieter to provide helpful tips in mapping out a retirement plan.

New Retirement Thinking
Part 1

Kura Chihota is joined by with Kim Potgieter to provide helpful tips in mapping out a retirement plan.

Smart Money
Part 3

Kura Chihota and Warren Ingram from Business Day TV chats to Kim Potgieter to find out what you can do today to ensure your retirement future.

New Retirement Thinking
Part 2

Kura Chihota and Warren Ingram from Business Day TV chats to Kim Potgieter to find out what you can do today to ensure your retirement future.

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