Lisa Sumner


Lisa Sumner

Lisa Sumner says that she thoroughly enjoys being part of a team that works together to ensure their clients reach their RetiremeantTM goals. “It gives me great satisfaction knowing I am part of their amazing journey to a fulfilling future,” she adds.

Lisa began her career in banking; then she moved into the hospitality industry and worked at Sun City for a number of years. This experience gave her tremendous insight into a very challenging and diverse environment. When she discovered and settled into financial planning in 2000, she believes she truly found her niche.

“I have enjoyed the interaction with the clients over the years, and being part of their experiences towards their ultimate goal of a successful RetiremeantTM,” she says.

In her spare time, Lisa plays guitar, line-dances and reads. She is an avid F1, cricket and rugby supporter. Lisa is a proud grandmother of two amazing grandsons who give her endless joy. “I love spending time with family and friends, traveling and trying different cuisines,” she concludes.

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