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Asset Management

Once we understand the lifestyle you are trying to live, we can then determine what return, above inflation, your retirement assets need to achieve to provide this lifestyle.   We use the services of an independent investment consultant to construct a portfolio specifically to target your required return, and constantly to monitor the portfolio to ensure that, at all times, it targets your required return.

Tax Planning

At all times we ensure that your retirement life plan is structured in such a way to allow you to draw your income as tax efficiently as possible.   We cannot ensure that you will not have to pay tax.   Taxes are always taken into account, and unnecessary taxes avoided.

Risk Management

When constructing your financial plan, we assess the risks to which you are exposed.  These risks can be :

  • Investment risk, and the risk of R100 being worth, say, R95 at the end of any one particular year;
  • The risk of one of the spouses dying, and what the implication will be to the other spouse;
  • If you are still working, the risk of your salary not being received.

Cash Flow Planning

Once you retire and your employment income ceases, we assist in structuring your finances in such a way that, on a monthly basis, you receive your required income.   This income is structured in a tax-efficient way, yet still flexible enough to change with your changing circumstances.

Financial Planning Model

Through our retirement planning model, we can determine how long you can expect your retirement assets to last.   We always aim to ensure that your retirement graph is stronger than necessary and lasts beyond your life expectancy, to cover any unexpected and unplanned for occurrences that may happen in the future.

Estate Planning

As part of the financial planning process, we aim to assist you to structure your estate to avoid incurring unnecessary costs, and to distribute it to your heirs and legatees in terms of your wishes.   Where there are complicated circumstances, a separate Estate Planning meeting may be required.

Will Planning

We are passionate in ensuring that our clients’ Wills are current and reflect their wishes should something happen to them unexpectedly.   Kerryn Franck of Chartered Legacy and Trust assists with drawing up your Will, should this be required.