Shalom, dear friend

//Shalom, dear friend

Shalom, dear friend

The world is round and the place which may seem like the end, may also be the beginning. Ivy Baker Priest, US

What has been the hardest part of this transition for you?

Two aspects: the rigors of the physical move and the mental acceptance of having to say goodbye to people youLionel and Bev Karp
love. The packing up of home and office left me with a feeling of not belonging, of losing my support. I recognised that I would no longer be able to call on those I knew were the right resource to assist or advise me; and
those people knew me. I had to tell myself: “The family is there (in Australia); this is what you have worked for”.

What has been the most exciting about this move?

Right now, Bev and I are experiencing too much trepidation to use the word ‘exciting’. May I use the word anticipation instead? Certainly, we are so looking forward to being with our family and being able to be a more significant Lionel, Eric and Jennifer Hopart of their daily lives. Nevertheless, we still need to overcome our fears, largely about coping mechanisms and making new friends. We are too attached still.

A week or so ago, I experienced a strange feeling of being foreign, out of place. This had such a physical outworking that I went to my doctor, who assured me that all my vital signs were normal … I was simply having an anxiety attack. One pill later and I felt much better, and that feeling is growing as we get closer to our move.

What has been unexpected about all this preparation?

A number of clients have emailed or called me, saying that they have heard that I am leaving, or letting me know thatLionel and the Chartered Team they will or will not be attending my farewell. From the numerous messages, I have come to realise that I have had an impact in a number of lives. I had no idea of having made such a difference. It is simply the way we worked – if you were my client, whether you had R100 or R10 million, I did my very best for you.

To be honest, I resisted the idea of a farewell. Now I appreciate what I did not at the time – it is not me who needs to celebration, but my clients and friends and colleagues who need the closure, the chance to say goodbye.

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About the Author:

Kim Potgieter
Kim is a Director and Head of Life Planning at Chartered Wealth Solutions. Kim’s vision is to change the way people view retirement in South Africa. She strongly believes that retirement should be seen as a new life chapter, encouraging her clients at Chartered Wealth Solutions to retire to something and not from something.

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  1. max strous 3 February 2016 at 19:19 - Reply

    We are not sure of how to contact Lionel and Bev.
    We were also not sure when he was leaving SA.
    If you have the ability to pass this message onto them, please do.
    Dear Lionel and Bev,
    We wish you an easy settling in, into the community, into daily life, into the lives of your children and grandchildren.
    It was wonderful to be your friend, from childhood, your client recently and fellow congregant of an amazing synagogue.
    We trust that your senior years will be as productive as your younger years, but slower.
    You have a lot to share with others. Mostly menchiskeit.
    Kol Hakavod to you both on making this vital decision at this stage of your lives.
    Go well friends, Behatzlacha, and keep in touch, so that if you ever come to Israel, be sure to contact us.
    Love and best wishes.
    Max and Libby

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