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It is in seeing how comprehensive and professional advice benefits clients that Stephanie derives satisfaction from her work.

Stephanie completed her BCom and PGDip in Financial Planning at NMMU. She attained her CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® status in 2016.

For Stephanie, working at Chartered is more than just the tasks of crunching numbers and compiling financial plans; it is an opportunity to engage with clients in a more meaningful way, using sound financial planning and life principles. Stephanie enjoys engaging with people, learning more about each client and making a significant difference in their lives.

Stephanie has a passion for financial planning and a desire to create awareness, not only of what holistic financial life planning really is, but also of the importance of saving in young adult years and understanding how to do this.

Stephanie enjoys the outdoors, going for a run and playing hockey. Stephanie also loves music and spending time with her loved ones and friends.

You can contact Stephanie at Chartered House in Johannesburg on 011 502 2800 or via email