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Teams at Chartered

Financial planners

These Certified Financial Planning professionals are both qualified and devoted to meeting our clients’ needs. Our financial planners maintain and develop the relationship with existing clients by monitoring and reviewing their financial plans as their circumstances change. They ensure that our clients retire successfully by getting the most meaning out of their money.

Articled/Associate planners

These team members are tasked with the important role of assisting financial planners to ensure the ultimate client experience and assist us in empowering our clients to retire successfully. At the same time, the Articled and Associate planners gain invaluable working experience. This is the perfect position for graduates that want to have a positive impact on the financial industry but have little to no experience.

Para planners

The vital and trustworthy assistant to the financial planner, our Paraplanners help retain the relationship with the clients by ensuring that all of their specific needs are met. They are the client liaison for the financial planning team.


It is essential that all our financial planning teams have this vital role fulfilled. Our administrators ensure that all the requests from or regarding clients have been fulfilled. They are the liaison between Chartered and our service providers.

Marketing, Company culture, and Talent retention

This team has the exciting task of ensuring that our external and internal brands are aligned. The aim is to keep both staff and clients, two exceptionally important resources to Chartered, content and assured that the company has high standards.

Office administration and management

We have a unique and highly skilled team that enables all the other teams to work productively and effectively.

Healthcare team

The Healthcare team offers a consistent, hands-on approach, allowing the implementation of the most appropriate staff medical aid scheme. They believe in following a simple and highly effective healthcare delivery model.

Retirement fund team

The Retirement Fund team services and advises clients to implement a group retirement fund to suit the needs of both the employee and employer, while meeting the organisation’s overall objectives. This facilitates their clients attracting and retaining quality employees.
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