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Financial Planner

Financial Planner

These Certified Financial Planning professionals are both qualified and devoted to meeting our clients’ needs.
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Articled / Associate Planner

Articled / Associate planner

These team members are tasked with the important role of assisting financial planners.
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The vital and trustworthy assistant to the financial planner. They are the client liaison for the financial planning team.
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It is essential that all our financial planning teams have this vital role fulfilled. spacer16
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Marketing & Company Culture

Marketing & Company Culture

This team has the exciting task of ensuring that our external and internal brands are aligned.  
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Office Administration

Office Administration

A highly skilled team that enables all the other teams to work productively and effectively. 
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The Healthcare team offers a consistent, hands-on approach, allowing the implementation of the most appropriate staff medical aid scheme
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Retirement Fund team

Retirement Fund team

The Retirement Fund team services and advises clients to implement a group retirement fund
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I love working at Chartered because of the interaction with clients and the passion that comes from the staff.


I work at Chartered because I can add value and contribute in a tangible way to the lives of others.


I love it here…Where else would one find a workplace with so much heart, that puts its employees first!


Chartered assists people to prepare for the road ahead


Seeing the real value we add to peoples’ lives, every single day, through inspired teamwork and shared values is why I love working at Chartered.


I work at Chartered because the values that the company embodies tie in very closely to those that I aspire to.


The ‘the sky is not the limit’ – my kind of mentality … 


It’s the best place to work, we are unique, no one does financial planning like we do, it’s like a family, I am proud of what we do. 


I work at Chartered for the contagious energy driven by passion.


Every time I walk out of a meeting, I am happy because my clients tell me how much they appreciate all we do for them and how much it means to them.


Waking up every day knowing that I am helping my clients reach their financial goals means that I do not merely go to work, but rather wake up to follow my passion.


I believe in the honest care we have for our client’s best interest.


I’ve found friends at Chartered, not just colleagues, and my friends showed me that I’m capable of achieving more than I would ever have thought possible.


I get the privilege of assisting people to get the best life they can from their money.


Chartered Legacy is a new company on its way up and I love being a part of this business as it grows.


Chartered offers endless possibilities.


I chose to work with Chartered Employee Benefits. They truly embrace professionals who wish to be pioneers that chart new waters for the better of financial services. 


I love working at Chartered Wealth for the simple reason the principles within which the business and the staff operate are honest, pure and ethical and this resonates with me.


Chartered Wealth is a family and I love the people I work with. Chartered gives me the opportunity to explore my passion for Financial planning!


The inspiration – seen through all the hard work and motivation of every single person I work with makes me want to be better at what I do.