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What our clients say about Chartered Wealth Solutions

“The expert and professional advice gives us peace of mind for the future, while the personal attention and genuine interest in our lives makes interacting with Chartered more fun than we ever thought financial planning could be”

Rob and Charmaine Lines

“Chartered Wealth assisted us with the transition into retirement.  We have had very good returns on our investment and we enjoy the social aspect that Chartered offers.  We have also taken advantage of the legal department and updated our wills.  We are very happy with Chartered Wealth’s service”

Marilyn Bayliss-Lane

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Ronelle and Brian Baker

Ronelle and Brian Baker have been Chartered Wealth Solutions clients since 2002 and have embraced our ‘Life Planning’ service. To read more about ‘Life Planning’ click here.

They are both retired after leading successful careers. Ronelle was a part owner and founder of an IT Company and Brian established his in sales, graphic design and printing.

Together, they see their retirement as time to live life and achieve their dreams the way they’ve always wanted to.

“I consider myself very fortunate to have access to the Chartered Wealth team who have taken a personal interest in me.  Chartered Wealth is about more than just wealth creation.  Their focus is on a holistic approach of retiring successfully: not only are they professional in their financial services, but they also contribute to my social, emotional and intellectual growth.  Their regular invitations to talks, discussion groups, and outings, and access to their library and weekly newsletters keep me stimulated and provides a diverse pool of resources which enriches my life”

Marilyn Bayliss-Lane

“From the first meeting, it was obvious that this is a company with people who care about their clients, and also their employees.  Chartered has a unique business model that entails the staff making an effort to create a life-time relationship with their clients.  In addition, travel talks, comedy shows, lifestyle talks, movie nights and charity events provide a well-balanced and nurturing aspect to our financial well-being.  Staff members always join the clients and get to know us better and we, in turn, become more comfortable with our financial advisors”

Cathy Upton

Terry and Audrey O’Donoghue

Audrey and Terry chose Chartered Wealth Solutions as their Retirement Planners as they saw value in their unique ‘Life Planning’ service. To read more about ‘Life Planning’ click here.

After very demanding and successful corporate careers, Terry and Audrey are now retired. Terry still consults as he pleases, enjoying the flexibility and fun that it brings. Terry and Audrey have embraced their life in retirement and spend time appreciating the African bush, and discovering more of Africa and Europe.

Terry has been able to enjoy his passion of photography, capturing their many memories that their retirement brings. Audrey loves people and carries out her wellness work from their farm.

“What I appreciate about Chartered Wealth is their understanding that how you think about money is influenced by your personality and life experiences.  Having been a housewife all my life, I was happy to leave the running of our financial affairs to Rodney – I really was and, to an extent, still am ignorant regarding financial matters.  It has been good for me to learn more about this area and I have peace of mind in entrusting our hard-earned money to professionals whom we have come to trust in the few years of our association”
Johanna Martheze

Ralph and Cecilia Auret

Ralph and Cecilia are long-standing clients of Chartered Wealth Solutions. Ralph recently retired after selling his share of the business to his partner.

Ralph and Cecilia love travelling, and have recently visited Russia and Croatia – just two of the many destinations on their bucket list. They also enjoy spending time at their holiday home in Mossel Bay.   Ralph was always concerned that he would not be busy enough in retirement – now he wonders where he found the time to work!


“When I have dealings with Chartered, I always get a sense that we are part of a family – they look at you holistically. Seeing my money grow in my monthly statement gives me confidence that my finances are in good hands”
Rodney Martheze
“A few years ago, we realised that, through hard work and circumstance, we had accumulated a valuable potential that would enable us to contemplate an unexpectedly good retirement, but we needed help to put our finances in order. We also needed help on strategy and structure to start preparing for our retirement.  We were most fortunate to be introduced to the people at Chartered Wealth. Our finances have now been well structured in parallel with counselling on a matching life plan”
A JSE-listed Group CEO
“Chartered Wealth is more than just wealth creation.   Their focus is on a holistic approach of retiring successfully in every sense of the word.  Not only are they professional in their financial services, but they also contribute to one’s social, emotional and intellectual growth.  Their regular invitations to talks, discussion groups, outings, access to their library and weekly newsletters keep one stimulated and provide one with a diverse pool of resources which enriches one’s life  in a non- financial way as well.   I consider myself very fortunate to have access to the team and their resources who have taken a personal interest in me and my family.”
Jeannette Dowding