Warm Winter Greetings from the Chartered Family

//Warm Winter Greetings from the Chartered Family

Warm Winter Greetings from the Chartered Family

Visits and visitors have filled the first half of the year with various opportunities for learning and growth.  

Guided by our Clients

Each year, at Chartered House, we invite a few clients to share a Lunch with John and Kim.3171e09e-19b2-4076-9aba-d1beaf3b3e70

This is a fun time for me, catching up with clients and sharing anecdotes and a delicious meal.

This gathering, however, has a second important purpose:  it is a chance for us to receive feedback on Chartered processes – and to see if there are areas for improvement.

The most significant action point emerging from this meeting was a way forward in meeting the planning needs of our clients’ adult children.

Under the banner of our Chartered Risk business, we ran a number of Financial Transitions functions for this age-group last year, but attendance slowly dwindled from the first enthusiastic support, another casualty of the busy schedule syndrome.

Guiding the Generations

In the interim, our Chartered Risk company has rebranded: it is now Chartered Financial Planning,
a name that more closely resembles what we do.

With this new brand, and in light of our clients’ feedback, we are planning to host a fresh event for our clients’ children in September this year – and our clients promise to attend along with them!

In addition, our invitations to speak to younger audiences in corporates are increasing and we are delighted to be given this platform to spread the message of financial freedom through proper planning with a professional.

Guided by Gardiner

In my previous issue of Reporting from the Helm, I commented on the value that all of us derived from Jeremy Gardiner, Director at Investec Asset Management, and his presentation on the state of our economy at Chartered House recently.

Both clients and staff appreciated his frank approach: he acknowledged that the beginning of the year was not a positive one; however, “with the first quarter of 2016 now safely behind us, things feel better. Which by no means is saying 2016 is going to be great, but certainly there could be reason for some comfort,” says Jeremy.

To read the full article on which Jeremy’s presentation was based, click here.

How are we as investors and planners to respond?

It is clear that there is much in our economy over which we have little or no control.  But, and this is a significant but, there is so much over which we do have control: how we plan, whom we partner with and how we live our lives as a result.

We know that this is a time to be prudent financially; we know that our clients’ interests are best looked after by doing what we have always done: investing wisely and tracking the performance of these investments, which at the same time, constantly assuring our clients that they are at the very centre of our business.

Finally, it would be remiss of me to sign off without thanking our many clients who share their stories so readily and kindly. You can always find these on our Retire Successfully website (click here for a quick peep).

We share these stories in the hopes that those who read them will find inspiration for their own stories … or should I say … legends?

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