Wealth Creation Planning

While you’re still busy earning, our specialists will develop the financial structures and security you need.

At Chartered Wealth Solutions, our unique approach to planning and our flexibility for clients who are still earning and creating their wealth, means we can deliver a holistic plan. This will address both detailed Financial Planning (based on their circumstances and life goals) and clear insurance and Estate Planning to protect their families in the case of unforeseeable events.

Our aim is to guide clients into making sound financial decisions during the wealth accumulation phase of their lives. Our approach is a holistic one, combining the specialist knowledge of Wealth Creation Specialists and legal experts to give you integrated solutions that are tailored to your life’s requirements. You can expect personalised attention from a dedicated Planner who will conscientiously manage your portfolio. We look after your financial health and also empower you to maximise your return on life itself. Your Wealth Creation Specialist will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan to roadmap a successful, rewarding, fulfilling journey for you and your family.

Life Planning

Our aim is to help our clients live the best possible life with the financial resources they have available. Your journey with us starts with a Life Planning meeting with the aim to understand your life dreams and goals. During the Life planning process, we spend time getting to know you; to find out what dreams really inspire you. If we don’t know what really makes you tick, then how can we apply your money to your dreams?

Financial Planning

With your Life Plan in mind, we then create a personalised Financial Plan that is unique to your life. We look beyond the purely financial considerations and ensure that your Financial Plan supports the dreams you have for your life. We regularly review your plan to ensure it keeps track with your changing needs.

Investment Advice

Our Wealth Creation Specialists will assist you to budget correctly, freeing up valuable funds to invest for your future goals. We advise you on how and where to invest your money to get the best returns with the lowest amount of risk.

We separate your assets into three parts: Lifestyle, RetiremeantTM and Surplus. Each of these applies to the different financial planning areas of your life. Once we understand you well and know what your goals are, we will advise you on investing your money according to your specific needs.

Our investment advice covers:

  • RetiremeantTM planning: It’s never too late to start saving
  • Education planning: Investing for your children’s future
  • Goals: Investing for a specific goal
  • Discretionary investments: We will discuss alternative investment options available to you

Protecting yourself, your family and your assets against loss caused by unexpected events is an essential part of our process that we are able to advise you one. This includes:

  • Personal risk planning (estate liquidity, liability protection and income protection)
  • Dread disease
  • Disability insurance
  • Business insurance (key person policies, contingent liability, buy and sell assurance)
  • Estate planning (minimisation of estate duty, income and capital gains taxes, provision of estate liquidity, capital and income requirements for dependants, insolvency protection and protection of business assets)
  • Cash flow planning
  • Preparing for a job transition

Estate Planning

Your Wealth Creation Specialist, together with our Legacy & Trust Specialists, will give you the appropriate advice to ensure that all your affairs are in order. Depending on your needs, we base our advice on the following Estate Planning fundamentals:

  • a Living Will
  • an up-to-date Will covering all your requirements
  • Liquidity (cash) in your Estate to look after your dependants on your death
  • Trust planning
  • Life cover and your Estate

Business Asssurance

If necessary, we include business assurance in our process. We ensure that both you and your business are protected if unforeseen events occur (such as losing a key person or losing a shareholder), and loan accounts need to be settled.

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