What the SA recession means for the investor

//What the SA recession means for the investor

What the SA recession means for the investor

South Africa: the road ahead … rather rutted but still rolling

What the SA recession means for the investorCaucasion male in white shirt and black jacket

I am aware of the visceral response such headlines as “SA slides into recession” can have on investors.  In consultation with our investment consultants, we have compiled the following comment so as to provide our clients with insight, and some reassurance.  Our aim as your Retiremeant™ Specialists, is to partner with you on your journey to or in a successful  Retiremeant™, and we recognise that peace of mind is certainly part of that.

The data used to identify a recession is backward looking and thus knowing when a recession has officially ended and when the headwinds facing specific investments have abated will only ever be known after the fact. As an investor in one of our portfolios, you can rest assured that your portfolio has exposure to a diversified allocation of local and global investments. These investments are expected to pay off incrementally over time, at different points in time, as and when market events (like recessions) transpire.

Recessions are a natural and expected part of the economic market cycle. The sound financial planning and investment management conducted by Chartered Wealth Solutions and its investment consultants is carried out with this in mind. As such, the portfolio(s) you are invested in have been specifically designed for the long term, and to weather a full economic cycle.

Respecting difference

Earlier this year, we introduced a focused educational element to our internal staff Business Breakfasts. For these monthly events, we used our own resources to ensure our staff are informed and taking care of their own finances.  So, our Legacy and Trust Director, Kerryn Franck, gave guidance on the detail of a valid will; our Tax Director, Charmaine Prout, raised awareness of changes in tax legislation; one of our younger planners, Wade Hoal, shared on his personal investment preferences.

At the end of July, we were privileged to be addressed by business owner and author, Nene Molefi, on the topic of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Ms Molefi is a shareholder of Chartered Employee Benefits.  Her message was both inspiring and challenging, underpinned by the notion of respect for every individual, and the recognition that everyone has their own story … and that story is different from mine, and worthy of respect.

Some valuable takeaways from Nene Molefi:

  • An equitable society has benefits for all South Africans.  Social cohesion promotes wellbeing for everyone, and promotes trust.
  • We all want a sense of belonging, and opportunities for growth and success.
  • Communicating and listening well, and possessing insights into others are among the top characteristics of those with high EQs.
  • Be aware of your unconscious biases, and how they may be expressed without your being aware of them.
  • Acknowledge your rank, power and privilege, and use them to multiply others, not diminish them.
  • Begin with yourself and commit to doing some inner work.  Ask yourself:  do I really believe this?  Is this belief consistent with my values?

Warm regards
John Campbell

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John is currently Chief Executive Officer at Chartered Wealth Solutions, where his main responsibilities are overseeing the day-to-day running of the business, financial planning and strategy implementation.

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