RetiremeantTM Planning

We view RetiremeantTM Planning as a holistic process. We believe that the right time to start planning for your present life and your life in the next chapter is now. Your personalised RetiremeantTM Plan is uniquely tailored to enable you to live your best life possible. Your journey with us starts with visualising how you want the next successful chapter of your life to look. Our next step is to structure a unique Financial Plan: one where we look at different scenarios of how long your money will last, taking into consideration your unique circumstances. This is carefully structured to support your life objectives. We then look at sound investment structures to safeguard your life savings and carefully design investment portfolios to get you optimal returns while managing investment risk. This is followed by an Estate Planning meeting to plot the additional next steps in your RetiremeantTM journey.

Wealth Creation Planning

Our Wealth Creation Specialists are focused on delivering Financial Planning that's holistic: it considers your stage of career; your goals for you and your family; the most appropriate investment vehicles; and also takes into account detailed insurance planning to protect you and your family in worst-case scenarios. They will help you address and fix the issues that give you sleepless nights: How sound is my financial plan? What happens to my family if I'm ill and can't work? They will look at sound investment structures to safeguard and grow your savings and carefully design investment portfolios to get you optimal returns while managing the levels of investment risk acceptable to you.

While you're busy with your career, our Wealth Creation Specialists will help you navigate a complex financial world and create a sound investment strategy for your wealth journey.

Additional In-House Services

At Chartered Wealth Solutions we’ve created a holistic process to plan for that secure future you envision, and we’ve extended that same principle to our in-house services. Our experience shows that we can create better results when our Specialists in key services, such as Invest, Legacy & Trust, and Tax work together with your RetiremeantTM Specialist to implement your plan. This enables us to offer you something unique: a well-designed plan for your RetiremeantTM where every aspect has been thoughtfully considered and expertly implemented. We assure you of excellent service in every aspect of your RetiremeantTM Planning, with one trusted partner. For those just beginning on their journey to financial security, our team of Wealth Creation Specialists will help you on the road to Retire Successfully. 

Investment Planning

Implementing your RetiremeantTM Plan is not left to chance. Chartered Invest uses the leading investment vehicle administrators and a network of local and global investment consulting professionals. We have several goals in mind when we implement your Investment strategy: we work to minimise your risk – from asset management to investment structures; we keep ahead of changes in the industry; and always consider keeping costs to a minimum. We are proactive on your behalf, and run the annual reviews of your plan, monitor your circumstances, financial planning objectives, market status, and deliver your reporting. You’ll get your return information all on one statement, regardless of where your financial vehicles might sit.

Legacy & Trust Planning

Every one of our clients has their own unique circumstances and requirements. Because our Legacy & Trust Specialists are part of the Chartered Family, they work hand-in-hand with your Retiremeant™ Specialists which ensures that we have a holistic view of your RetiremeantTM Plan. Our legal expertise, coupled with the insights gained from your Life Planning and Financial Planning process, means that we have all the insight available to offer you a unique and truly comprehensive Estate Planning Service.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is an integral part of the RetiremeantTM planning process, whether it’s for your Estate, Will or Trust. We have an experienced team of Tax specialists and accountants in-house, and they work closely with your RetiremeantTM Specialists to create a holistic view of your financial picture. This enables them to ensure that you draw your RetiremeantTM income as tax efficiently as possible. We want you to be in the optimum position with regard to taxes. Our experience shows that with a five-year lead time in Tax Planning, your results can be greatly improved. That’s why we place such an emphasis on our holistic planning process.

Specialised Workshops

We offer clients and corporate employees several in-depth workshops, focused on career stage and money. These include workshops on Retiring Successfully, Intentional Investing, and Your Money Journey.”

Employee Benefits

At Chartered Wealth Solutions, we don’t just offer Financial Planning advice to individuals, we also pride ourselves on our home-grown, independent Employee Benefits team that consults with corporate boards of management on retirement fund structures and healthcare models. Our team of Specialists also provides expert advice on international benefits to our global clients regarding healthcare insurance, offshore pension funds and group risk benefit arrangements.

The Employee Benefits team helps small, medium and large companies properly structure corporate healthcare and retirement fund schemes for employees. We review, critically assess and make recommendations on benefit packages to remain current, competitive and relevant. There is a significant need for employers to match the expense of benefits in relation to benefit derived. Our team provides advice on how to appropriately manage costs and still provide an attractive employer benefit.

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