Chartered Employee Benefits

Consulting for personalised corporate healthcare and retirement fund schemes.

At Chartered Wealth Solutions, we don’t just offer Financial Planning advice to individuals, we also pride ourselves on our home-grown, independent Employee Benefits team that consults with corporate boards of management on retirement fund structures and healthcare models. Our team of Specialists also provides expert advice on international benefits to our global clients regarding healthcare insurance, offshore pension funds and group risk benefit arrangements.

Critical assessments and recommendations on structuring

Our Chartered Employee Benefits (CEB) team helps small, medium and large companies properly structure corporate healthcare and retirement fund schemes for employees. We review, critically assess and make recommendations on benefit packages to remain current, competitive and relevant. There is a significant need for employers to match the expense of benefits in relation to benefit derived. Our team provides advice on how to appropriately manage costs and still provide an attractive employer benefit.

Award-winning company with a unique philosophy

Chartered Wealth is an award-winning Financial Services company and our philosophy is to look beyond a one-size-fits-all approach to services, and to create unique solutions for our clients. We recognise the importance of employee satisfaction to the success of business and our team at CEB aims to help employers positively assume this responsibility to equip companies with all they need to create engaged, happy, and successful employees.

Simplifying healthcare delivery models for effectivity

A well-structured Retirement Fund provides an efficient balance between auxiliary benefits and traditional retirement benefits. This approach assists in attracting and retaining quality employees. In order to provide a range of healthcare services our team offers reliable, practical service with approachable and visible staff. We partner with our clients to make the healthcare delivery model less complex and more effective. We are truly independent and collaborate with most registered medical schemes.

Client-focused and direct access

Our service is client-focused and we provide individual members with direct access to our consultants.

Chartered Employee Benefits’ shareholders include management, Directors of Chartered Wealth Solutions and Royal Africa Investment Holdings.

Johannesburg Office
Tel: +27 11 502 2800
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Western Cape Office
Tel: +27 21 001 0048
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