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Our Legacy & Trust Specialists work hand-in-hand with our RetiremeantTM Specialists. Their legal expertise, coupled with the insights gained from the Life Planning and Financial Planning meetings, ensure that a truly comprehensive Estate Planning Service is offered to clients.


Drafting and safe keeping of Wills

Your Will should be a living document. Many people make the mistake of drawing up a Will in their twenties and then file it away thinking it’s done. However, personal and financial circumstances constantly change and it is important to regularly update and review your Will.

The safe keeping of your Will is of paramount importance as the original Will has to be submitted to the Master of the High Court on your death. We have a fireproof safe on our premises where your original Will can safely be stored on your request.

Executor Services

The appointment of the executor of your Estate is an important decision to make. Any competent person can be appointed as your executor, including a family member, friend, a lawyer or your RetiremeantTM Specialist. The law does, however, require the executor of an Estate to obtain the assistance of a lawyer to actually wind up the Estate. This is a role that we perform for our clients.

Winding up of Estates

Our aim when winding up Estates is to facilitate the process and to provide a helping hand to families when they need it most. The relationship that we continuously build and nurture with our clients means that we have a sound knowledge of their Estate and can ensure that every last detail has been taken into account. At Chartered Legacy & Trust, we have the intimate knowledge and expertise to help and support your family during this very emotional time.

Legacy Folder

We believe that planning ahead and getting your personal affairs in order is one of the greatest gifts you can leave for your family. Our clients for whom we have drafted Wills, all receive a Moleskine leather-bound folder in which to keep their necessary information and documentation which will be passed on to the executor when the time arrives.

Drafting and registration of Trust Deeds

When discussing your Estate Plan with your RetiremeantTM Specialist, there may be financial and tax advantages to setting up and registering a Trust. Trusts, however, are not only a beneficial tool from a financial and tax point of view, they can also be used to ensure that your legacy wishes are met.

Business succession planning

If you own a business, then succession planning for your business should be a vital part of your Estate Planning. What will happen to your business when you are no longer around? These are important conversations to have when planning for your Estate, which we are well equipped to help and advise you on.

Facilitation Service

When drawing up your Will, our team of lawyers and RetiremeantTM Specialists can help to facilitate any sensitive family discussions that you may need to have. Experience has shown us that by openly discussing your intentions with your family, you can avoid family tensions and disputes that may arise over issues surrounding inheritances after your death.

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