Teams at Chartered

RetiremeantTM Specialists

These CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professionals are both qualified and committed to meeting our clients’ needs. Our RetiremeantTM Specialists maintain and develop the relationship with existing clients by monitoring and reviewing their Financial Plans as their circumstances change. They ensure that our clients retire successfully by getting the most meaning from their money.

Articled and Associate Planners

These team members are tasked with the important role of assisting RetiremeantTM Specialists to ensure the ultimate client experience and assist us in empowering our clients to retire successfully. At the same time, the Articled and Associate Planners gain invaluable working experience which ultimately results in them obtaining their CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® status. This is the perfect position for graduates who want to have a positive impact on the financial industry.

Client Relationship Manager

The crucial and trusted assistant to the RetiremeantTM Specialists, our Client Relationship Managers help maintain and grow the relationship with the clients by ensuring that all of their specific needs are met. They are the client liaison for the RetiremeantTM team.


It is essential that all our RetiremeantTM teams have this role fulfilled in order to provide our clients with an experience that exceeds their expectations. Our Administrators ensure that all the requests from or regarding clients are met, and that this is done efficiently and effectively. They are the liaison between Chartered Wealth Solutions and our service providers.

Marketing Team

Ensuring that our values are reflected in our brand, our creative Marketing Team keeps our communication networks – with clients, the industry, the media, and internally – vibrantly abuzz. Social media channels, including our Retire Successfully website, are updated daily with relevant material: our media-published articles, radio or television interview podcasts, client stories, industry-relevant reviews, and newsletters. The Marketing Team also manages our hallmark client functions, helping clients to continue to include learning, fun, relationships, and purpose in their RetiremeantTM.

Office Administration and Management Teams

These highly skilled support teams – comprising our Accounting, Compliance, Human Resources, and Office Management teams – enable all the other teams to work productively and effectively.

Healthcare Team

The Healthcare Team offers a consistent, hands-on approach, allowing the implementation of the most appropriate staff medical aid scheme. They believe in following a simple and highly effective healthcare delivery model.

Retirement Fund Team

The Retirement Fund team services and advises clients to implement a group retirement fund to suit the needs of both the employee and employer, while meeting the organisation’s overall objectives. This facilitates their clients attracting and retaining quality employees.

Legacy & Trust Team

The Legacy & Trust Team offers a comprehensive Estate Planning service. They believe that the process of drawing up your Will should be a life-enhancing exercise that creates peace of mind for you and your family. Your Estate Planning should give you an opportunity to assess the plans you have for the legacy you wish to leave, and then to ensure that the correct processes and structures are in place to make sure your Will accurately reflects your desires.

Tax Team

The focus of our Tax Team is to ensure that clients’ tax affairs are up-to-date and that they are tax-compliant.  This is especially important when it comes to winding up Estates, as non-compliance can delay processes and cause administrative wrangles. Tax-efficient investments means that clients save money, and so, Financial Planning, combined with Tax Planning, creates the most effective and holistic Retiremeant™ Planning.

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