“A holistic life plan and financial plan – these are worth so much more when combined to make money and meaning meet.” – Kim

Kim Potgieter is considered one of South Africa’s leading authorities on holistic Financial Planning in the retirement sector. Kim is passionate about merging a clients’ goals and dreams with their financial plan to enable a life filled with inspiration and meaning.

Kim is at the heart of Chartered Wealth Solutions’ philosophy of a transformative process that starts with a client’s life goals and then aligns their financial resources to enable their best possible life. Kim’s message is clear: by understanding your relationship with money you can begin to shift your mindset to create positive and powerful transitions.

As an author and active media personality, appearing on television, radio and social media channels, as well as guest speaking at many industry events, Kim is passionate about meaningful conversations and understanding one’s psychology or relationship with money.

Author of RetiremeantTM – get more meaning from your money

Following more than 10 years conducting Life Planning meetings and hundreds of conversations with clients, Kim felt compelled to share her learning and insight, which resulted in her first book being published in 2015 – RetiremeantTM – get more meaning from your money.

Kim explains: “I am convinced that planning for retirement has to be about more than the money … it is equally important to plan for your life.  A life plan, a financial plan and an estate plan together create a holistic plan to take you into retirement.  Yes, make sure your money is properly invested, but ask yourself what the money is for?”

Sharing actual stories of clients, Kim brings a unique and inspirational perspective to preparing for retirement.  All the money you have spent your life earning should now enable the life you have always dreamed of having – a life of purpose, of significance and a life without regrets.

The book is packed with practical exercises and anecdotes that help people discover that the real value of a plan is in merging their money with their life goals. Readers are encouraged, with worksheets and reflections, to visualise what their life would look like if it turned out well, to view their Retiremeant™ as a new beginning, a new chapter – that may well last longer than the first.

Author of the e-book: 10 RetiremeantTM  Truths – Get more meaning from your money

The Ten RetiremeantTM Truths is a back-to-basics reminder of the solid foundation on which we can forge our futures in retirement. This e-book contains an amended excerpt from RetiremeantTM get more meaning from your money. Kim’s approach brings a unique and inspirational perspective to preparing for retirement: all the money you have spent your life earning should now be working for you and giving you the life you want.

Kim is currently working on a new series of e-books entitled the RetiremeantTM  What Ifs.

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Kim’s Website

A few years ago, Kim established her own website; www.kimpotgieter.co.za to share her learning about money. Her vision is to help people put money in its right place – to enable them to live their best lives and to get the most meaning from their money.

The website is packed with interesting courageous currency blogs, tips, podcasts and much more – all to inspire people to live their bravest life possible.

RetiremeantTM Reflections

Kim’s 18 RetiremeantTM Reflections can be downloaded from her web-site.  These exercises help people planning for, nearing or in retirement to discover how they can retire to a life of meaning and fulfilment.

Women in Finance Network

To support women in the Financial Services industry, Kim established the Women in Finance Network, (www.womeninfinancenetwork.co.za) a networking forum for women in the Financial Services sector where members meet through organised events and are able to share experiences and learn from one another.

Inspiring Talks and Workshops

Kim presents talks on various topics around retiring to a life with meaning, where money enables the fulfilment of your dreams and aspirations. For more information on Kim’s presentation topics, click here.

Workshop topics include: Your Money Journey; Intentional Investing, and Retire Successfully. Click here to find out more about these workshops.

 “Concerning your money matters – Be Inspired, Be Brave, Be on Purpose” – Kim Potgieter

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