Lucy Nel

Lucy Nel

Senior Bookkeeper

Lucy finds inspiration from her work knowing that her skills and knowledge in the accounting and tax fields are of huge practical benefit to Chartered Wealth Solutions’ clients, whether they are planning for or entering RetiremeantTM.

“I am passionate about the industry of bookkeeping and reconciling. I enjoy putting together the months of hard work and generating a final product, producing a set of financials at the end of a financial year,” says Lucy. “Perhaps that is why I love building puzzles!”

While helping clients with their tax affairs, Lucy is also committed to maintaining their compliance status. “Clients are at the centre of our business, and I will tackle any difficult situation on their behalf with great determination,” Lucy adds.Passionate about her family and their happiness and wellness, Lucy loves spending time with them, whether at work or outside the office. “Happiness of the soul is very important to me. I also believe that strong ground roots will produce good fruit,” she says.

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