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Caroline Adams

“I love being able to distil complex stuff into simpler terms,” says Caroline, and her passion for helping people understand difficult concepts attracted her to Chartered Wealth Solutions.

Caroline was a natural choice for a growing company seeking to establish itself as a leading RetiremeantTM practice. “I was the first person brought into the business to create the Human Resources policies and procedures and establish structures for business operations and compliance. This plays to my strengths, as I love making processes within a business easier for staff and this translates to that ‘wow’ experience for staff and clients,” says Caroline.

As a Director at Chartered Wealth Solutions, Caroline now focuses purely on Human Resources and business flow processes. “It has been exciting to grow the Human Resources function and to move from the must-haves to creating an experience for staff in which they feel supported and can learn from and help each other,” says Caroline.

Caroline holds a BA (Hons) Degree obtained from the University of the Witwatersrand, a Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PDM) from Wits Business School, and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional. Prior to joining Chartered Wealth Solutions, she completed an internship and subsequently was employed by Liberty in their insurance operations division.

When she is not at work, Caroline loves to spend time with her family. She enjoys cooking and entertaining in a home and garden that she and her husband are continually shaping to reflect their creativity.


James Carvalho

James fulfils his passion everyday by helping people achieve a successful RetiremeantTM – one where their Financial Plan fully supports the dreams and aspirations they have for their lives. He enjoys coaching clients to see money as an enabler, and his ability to plan holistically, by merging their Life Plan with their Financial Plan, has helped his clients, and often their businesses, in fulfilling their potential.

James has accrued a wealth of experience in the financial services industry, starting his career at Standard Bank in 1992. He then worked for a variety of asset management, unit trust and business consulting groups. When he joined Chartered Wealth Solutions as Operations Director, James focused his energy on being a full-time RetiremeantTM Specialist.

James is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional and is a member of the FPI (Financial Planning Institute). He has a qualification from the IMM Graduate School of Marketing and a Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning Law from the University of the Free State.

James is married to Mandy and they are proud parents of Cody and Sienna. In his leisure time, James spends time with family and friends and riding his mountain bike as often as possible.


Kim Potgieter

Kim is an author, speaker, voracious learner and expert Financial Planner.

Her vision is to change how retirement is viewed and considers RetiremeantTM as a new life chapter where clients are encouraged to retire to something and not from something.

As Head of Life Planning, Kim combines her passions: helping people with their relationship with money and guiding clients to get the most life from their money in their second chapter.

Kim, together with Chartered Wealth Solutions, established a consumer RetiremeantTM lifestyle website: to support and inspire people who are in, near, or at RetiremeantTM. She also founded the Women in Finance Network, a forum for women in the financial services industry where members meet, share experiences and learn from one another.

As an author, Kim has written three eBooks and two books, Retiremeant – get more meaning for your money (2015) and her latest, Midlife Money Makeover (2021). Her message is clear; by understanding your relationship with money, you can begin to shift your mindset to create positive and powerful transitions. Tap into some of her wisdom from this book and other related topics at Kim Potgieter.

Kim is an inspirational speaker and active media personality and regularly speaks at industry and corporate events. Using her Money, Meaning, Mindshift approach, she shifts individuals and groups to pay attention to their lives and give intention to their money.

As a voracious learner, Kim has travelled the world meeting with visionaries and mentors to bring to her clients new ideas and insight on how to design a life that they’re excited to live and make sure that money is where it needs to be – as a friend, not a foe.

Kim is passionate about empowering people to give intention to their money and live with purpose, on purpose. She is married to Gys, and they have three children. Kim loves to cook, travel and read in her spare time.


CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® Professional | Registered Financial Life Planner | Professional Certified Coach (International Coaching Federation) | Certified Dare to LeadTM Facilitator | New Money Story® Mentor Coach | (BSocSci) Clinical & Industrial Psychology


Barclay Hoar

As Chairman and co-founder of Chartered Wealth Solutions, Barclay ensures that the company stays true to its vision to be the leading RetiremeantTM planning business in South Africa.

Early in his career, Barclay found meaning in financial planning through Life Planning, a process that, for the first time, allowed Chartered to help people merge their money with the plans that they have for their lives. “Now we can focus on what your money is for, balancing a return on life and a return on investment” says Barclay.

Overseeing the company’s business strategy combined with being the guardian of the company’s philosophy to approach Retiremeant™ as an holistic process where clients are able to get the most meaning from their money, gives Barclay his sense of purpose. “I am a visionary and an optimist, and I love facilitating change. An essential element to remaining valuable, relevant and proactive, is to learn and grow continuously as a company, so that we can meet the changing needs of our clients,” says Barclay.

Barclay is married to Jess and the father of Zoe and Thomas. He loves spending time away with his family, reading, swimming and playing a good game of tennis!


John Campbell

John lives his life in balance – incorporating work, family and interests – and sees the reward in this by encouraging his clients and colleagues to do the same. John believes that a business can only truly add value to its clients if there is a sincere concern for their well-being.

John has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Rhodes University and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional. He joined the industry 24 years ago and bought his own practice in 1995. He merged his business with that of Barclay Hoar in 1997.

Apart from assisting clients with their RetiremeantTM Plans, John oversees the day-to-day running of Chartered Wealth Solutions, including strategy implementation. John was a finalist in the FPI Financial Planner of the Year competition in 2007 and won the award in 2008. John keeps up-to-date with the latest financial planning knowledge and trends. He has attended Financial Planning conferences in Australia and the United States and visited some of the top Financial Planning firms globally, so as to identify best global financial planning practice.

John has made several appearances on CNBC Africa, Summit TV and 702 Talk Radio, and has presented at a number of conferences and run workshops for Financial Planners around South Africa, including delivering a key note speech at the 2009 FPI Convention. He has written numerous articles for Business Day, Personal Finance newspaper and a number of magazines.

John is married to Angela and they have four children. He spends most of his free time with his family and also enjoys golf, tennis, running, fly-fishing and the odd 4×4 adventure.

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