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Are you daunted by the prospect of retirement? Do you and your partner have dreams for this major transition? Can you envisage a significant life beyond work?

Be inspired to create a significant future beyond retirement. While most books on retirement focus only on money and ways to ensure there is enough of it, Kim Potgieter believes that your finances are inextricably entwined with the dreams you have for your life.

Sharing actual stories of clients who have consulted with her as a financial planner on the retirement transition, she brings a unique and inspirational perspective to preparing for retirement. All the money you have spent your life earning should be giving you the life you have always wanted – and one that allows your partner’s goals to become a reality in tandem with yours.

Kim looks holistically at all aspects of the person retiring – work, money, play, purpose, health, giving back, relationships and learning – and keeping these in balance for the best second half of life. This book is packed with practical exercises and anecdotes to help you discover that the real value of a plan is in merging your money with your life goals. As a financial planner, Kim realised that life planning combined with financial planning is the secret to a meaningful retirement.

Kim’s clear message is that creating your best life cannot be left to chance: she demonstrates that taking an active role in preparing for your retirement enables you to live without regrets.

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