RetiremeantTM Plan =
Life Plan + Financial Plan + Estate Plan

RetiremeantTM Plan

At Chartered Wealth Solutions our passion is all about helping people to Retire Successfully. We see retirement as a new beginning, not as the beginning of an end. Our focus is on what you are retiring to. We believe that an important element in creating a successful retirement is to get the most meaning from your money. 

RetiremeantTM means having the freedom to achieve your yet unfulfilled dreams and goals, on your terms and in your own time. We believe that you can retire with both meaning and money.

A RetiremeantTM Plan, comprises three important parts: a Life Plan, a Financial Plan, also considering your Investment Plan, and an Estate Plan to support the ideal picture of your life and to give you peace of mind. We plan for your life first, and with our Financial Plan and Investment Strategy, we ensure that the money you have is invested to last during your RetiremeantTM years. In this way, your money means something; it enables you to live a meaningful and balanced second half of your life.

We are one of the largest independent and privately owned Financial Planning practices in South Africa. All our RetiremeantTM Specialists are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professionals who earn a salary with us. Because their income is not commission based, our Planning Specialists are able to truly focus on their clients’ objectives and create a unique and personalised RetiremeantTM Plan. They will support you every step of the way, and help you navigate a complex financial world, creating a sound investment strategy that minimises risk, and helps you plot a clear course to RetiremeantTM.

As an owner-managed firm, seeing clients daily, our independence means that we are not driven by corporate directives, but by our mission to provide objective advice based on sound financial principles to help our clients Retire Successfully.

Your journey with us starts with a Life Planning meeting – where you create a vision for your life in the coming years. Here we map out your expectations for the next chapter of your life and consider what you are retiring to. We also help you to compile your Bucket WheelTM items.

Our next step is to structure a Financial Plan: one where we look at different scenarios of how long your money will last, taking into consideration your unique circumstances. We carefully structure this to support your life objectives. 

We then proceed to Investment Planning where we look at sound investment structures to safeguard your life savings and carefully design investment portfolios to get you optimal returns while managing investment risk and minimising costs. 

This is followed by an Estate Planning meeting where your Will, Trust, beneficiaries, estate duty and liquidity are considered to ensure that you have peace of mind knowing that your wishes will be executed when you are no longer here.

Our RetiremeantTM, Legacy & Trust, and Tax Specialists will support you in this journey, embracing the vision for your life together with your financial specifics to ensure that you retire to a place where money and meaning meet.

Your journey with us is ongoing. We support you with annual reviews, consolidated reports and regular communications, as well as an entire website devoted to our Retire Successfully community with real-world stories, tips, and helpful information on how to have a successful RetiremeantTM.

We invite you to start your RetiremeantTM journey with us.

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