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Chartered offices closed but business as usual

John Campbell

Chief Executive Officer
Chartered Wealth Solutions

Who would have thought that our lives could change so drastically in just a few weeks. As the Coronavirus has emerged and spread, we have watched the world’s reaction with fascination and fear. The transmission patterns have been unpredictable and hard to detect. It’s these two variables that have left people panicked, with much uncertainty of what lies ahead, and no one knowing how to respond effectively.

For all of us, our health is of primary importance, and especially for our older clients and those whose health is compromised. It is for this reason that we have decided to close our offices as of this past Friday 20 March 2020.

We have spent this last week at Chartered preparing for the inevitable shut down of our offices. We have installed software on all of our mobile phones enabling clients who phone the office to have access to any of our staff wherever they are. Our team has all received training on how to have online meetings, both internal and external. We can do a full financial planning review with you while we are all seated in our respective homes. We intend to help our clients over the weeks ahead, enable you to get online and have face to face engagements via computer. We can show you presentations, documents of interest, etc. For any clients who are wishing to do any transactions, we will be doing this in a paperless environment. We will share with you how we will do online signing etc. Both Chartered Tax and Legacy will continue to work under these new conditions and are also available to assist you as required. These new initiatives will take some patience and perseverance. I am confident that we will grow through this time, and new opportunities will emerge.

You have all heard of social distancing, and this is something we now need to do at work, at home, and in our communities. We don’t know how long this will last, but we do know we will need to encourage each other at this time and be true to our resolve to overcome the weeks and months ahead. Please embrace this moment with the gravity it requires, keep fit and healthy, and, most of all, enjoy this downtime with your loved ones; this only comes once in a lifetime.

Although our offices are closed, the business continues as usual, and our team at Chartered are all looking forward to our engagements over the weeks ahead. Please contact me or your Retiremeant™ Specialist should you have any concerns. We will be communicating more frequently over the weeks ahead, if you do not get The Beacon and Inflight communications please email to be added to the list.

Warm regards