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The Balance Test

How balanced is your life?

The Balance Test

How balanced is your life?

Our Retiremeant Story

At Chartered Wealth Solutions our passion is all about helping people to Retire Successfully. We see retirement as a new beginning, not as the beginning of an end. Our focus is on what you are retiring to. We believe that an important element in creating a successful retirement is to get the most meaning from your money. We’ve introduced this perspective with our definition of Retiremeant™, which means – having the freedom to achieve your yet unfulfilled dreams and goals, on your terms and in your own time. Our experience shows that a holistic planning approach is the key that will lead to a happy and meaningful Retiremeant™.

Our definition of Retiremeant™: having the freedom to achieve your yet unfulfilled dreams and goals, on your terms and in your own time.

We believe that focusing only on your finances is short-sighted: your Financial Plan and the plan you have for your life are intertwined. This means that the way you structure your Investments depends on what you want to do with your money. And so a key first step is to define what is important to you and then make sure you align your Financial Plan with your priorities. We want you to get the most meaning from your money, and we specialise in helping you live a Retiremeant™ where money and meaning meet.

The right time to start planning for your present life and your life in the next chapter – your Retiremeant™ years – is now. Your personalised Retiremeant™ Plan is uniquely tailored to enable you to live your best life possible.

Get more meaning from your money

Director Kim Potgieter is passionate about understanding our psychology and relationship with money. Her first book RetiremeantTM – get more meaning from your money, outlines the principles behind Chartered Wealth Solutions’ holistic planning process. The book shows readers how combining Life Planning with Financial Planning gives people the right perspective to enable them to Retire Successfully – with meaning.

Our Community: Retire Successfully

‘Retire Successfully’ isn’t just our tagline; it’s why we get up in the morning. That’s why we created a website dedicated to helping you plan for and take advantage of opportunities, whether you are near, at, or in RetiremeantTM.

The Retire Successfully website is a resource for sharing stories and connecting with RetiremeantTM clients; it contains articles and good advice for planning, preparing for and living in this next chapter of your lives. It’s not about what you’re retiring from, but rather what you’re retiring to.

Wheel of Balance

We strongly believe that achieving a sense of balance is an essential part of a successful Retiremeant™. Life consists of many facets and neglecting some of them can have an impact on the others. For example, having excellent personal relationships would be of little value to you if your health were poor and you weren’t fully able to enjoy the people in your life.

Often, the pressures earlier in life make it much harder to attain balance. Retiremeant™ is an opportunity to re-establish equilibrium by making time for those areas that might have been previously neglected.

We have identified eight essential elements for a more balanced and meaningful Retiremeant™. These are: work, give-back, relationships, money, learning, health, purpose and play. We encourage our clients to create their own Wheel of Balance. It’s a personal and honest exercise that visually portrays how balanced your life is, and what areas (if any) needs attention.

Exciting items seen on Bucket Wheels®

The Bucket Wheel®

Our Retiremeant™ process is focused on living a balanced and fulfilled life. We strongly believe that in order to Retire Successfully, your energy and money should be focused on what brings the most meaning to your life. And for this reason, we use the Bucket Wheel® as one of the foundations of a Retiremeant™ Plan.

Your life has everything to do with you and what resonates with you; it’s about your dreams. It’s about allocating your money – and your time – on things that are important to you. Your journey is an individual one, with twists and turns, ups and downs, but most of all, it should also be filled with things that make you happy. That make you feel alive.

Directing Your Spend

While the traditional idea of the bucket list is extremely helpful in that it focusses you on tangible objectives you want to meet in order to live life to the full, it generally conjures up ideas of things to do. After having successfully retired many Chartered clients, we realised that most of our retirement clients felt that they ticked off their complete bucket list two years into retirement – and 90% of the list consisted of travel destinations only. Although travel is an important part of your bucket list, this alone will not be as fulfilling as you thought.  

We believe that your life before and during retirement should not only be about what you want to do – but about who you are. And that’s why we encourage our clients to use the Bucket Wheel®, to create a personalised Plan that speaks to their individuality.

The point of the Bucket Wheel® is to direct your energy towards what matters most. It focusses on living a balanced and fulfilled life and it urges you to invest time and energy into all eight areas of your life as identified in the Wheel of Balance. In essence, the Bucket Wheel® integrates the idea of balance with your bucket list and reflects all the things you would still like to do – and be – in your life ahead.

The Bucket Wheel® is also the best indicator of what money you will need and serves as a guide for allocating money to bring more meaning to the Retiremeant™ years.

Retiremeant Workshops

This six-hour workshop is aimed at individuals approaching retirement, typically aged around 50 years and above. We have designed it to help participants see retirement as a start rather than an end; plump with possibilities rather than a narrowing of life; as a chance to make dreams come true rather than relinquishing them.

Topics covered in this workshop are:

Retiremeant™ Planning

  • Journey of self-exploration.
  • Past memories impact today’s beliefs.
  • Redefining retirement.
  • Shifting from success to significance.
  • Achieving balance in your life.
  • Creating your own Wheel of Balance
  • Creating your own Bucket Wheel™

Financial Planning and Estate Planning

  • Financial planning and the importance of this relationship in retirement.
  • Understanding retirement vehicles and what is suitable for you.
  • What your company has done for you and the importance of making the right decisions on the day you retire.
  • What it will look like for your family when you leave them behind.
  • The importance of your investment strategy for retirement, and how it is different from now.

What our clients have to say

“An insightful presentation that changed the way I think about money and has made me more conscious about the long relationship I need to have with my financial plan.”
“I have learnt a lot about retirement. The importance of the wheel and learning new skills. To be wiser when investing money. I want to give thanks to our company to give us such great opportunities about our future.”
“Relevant, Interesting & Constructive. A very comprehensive discussion on retirement. Lots to think about and plan. Thoroughly enjoyed the session. Thank you.”
“Really enjoyed the session and would to encourage my wife to have a planning session with yourselves.”