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Our Journey Together

Getting to know you

Our journey starts with getting to know each other. During the introductory interview meeting, we get to understand what stage of life you are in, what transitions you are facing, and what your dreams and goals are. You learn more about who we are, our philosophy, and how we go about tackling the complex world of finance and managing money.

Creating your Plan

Using our experience from decades of helping clients, we have developed various tools and a philosophy. Our Financial Planning Specialists create a holistic financial plan comprising four parts that merge money with meaning.

Life Planning

Holistic planning can be like doing a jigsaw puzzle. There are numerous pieces, and by putting them all together in their correct place, a meaningful picture forms. We unpack your ideal life; we look at your relationship with money, your values, personality type, as well as where you are in terms of balancing the various areas of your life. Together, we create a complete picture of what your life would look like if it turned out well.

Scenario Plan

We review your current financial situation and explore various scenarios reflecting your dreams and aspirations. We present you with a graph helping you visualise and understand the impact of all your financial decisions and how long your money will last.

Investment Plan

We look at what investments you have, and the objective is to optimise your returns while managing investment risk and minimising cost.

Estate Plan

We advise on the most appropriate structures to make sure your Estate Plan lives out its purpose. Having clarity around what happens upon your passing and being confident that your Estate Plan is properly structured around your wishes gives you peace of mind in knowing your loved ones are adequately taken care of.


We don’t just create plans; we implement them. We streamline logistic and communication processes by giving you the option to make use of our investment, tax and fiduciary services, WealthStrat, Chartered Legacy & Trust, and Chartered Tax.


We support you every step of the way with numerous events throughout the year, financial talks and updates, and regular communications. Our Retire Successfully community offers you opportunities to share, engage, and learn from like-minded travellers.


We regularly review your plan to ensure that your goals are still relevant and achievable and that you are continuing to live a purposeful life where money and meaning merge. Your Financial Planning Specialists live by our promise of ‘Planning with Purpose,’ and you can be assured that the solutions we offer will be carefully crafted for your particular needs.