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Service Providers

Being an independent Category 1 licensed Financial Services Provider (FSP), we are able to advise our clients on a full range of products and 3rd party service providers that fall within the ambit of the licensed advice we can provide. We hold no economic or other financial beneficial agreement with any providers.

We have service level agreements in place with certain providers which hold each party accountable for the benefit of our clients. If the products/service-levels provided by any of our 3rd party service providers change, we are in a position to terminate these agreements and find alternative providers within standard processing times.

We have agreements in place with the following 3rd party service providers (which is subject to change and should not be considered an exhaustive list):

  • Ninety One
  • Global Fund Administrators
  • Allan Gray
  • Old Mutual Wealth
  • Old Mutual International
  • Hollard
  • Stanlib
  • Sanlam
  • Momentum Wealth
  • Momentum Life
  • Nedgroup Investments
  • Capital International Group
  • PortfolioMetrix Asset Management SA
  • WealthStrat
  • Rexsolom Invest
  • Morningstar Investment Management
  • PPS Life
  • PPS Invest
  • Discovery Life
  • Discovery Invest
  • Liberty
  • Exchange 4 Free
  • F-Wise